Smite Update 8.4 Patch Notes

There are a lot of exciting changes coming with Smite’s next major update. Hi-Rez Studio has released the 8.4 update, which was released on the 20th. The release is scheduled for April 2021, finally the mighty god Gilgamesh. This should bring some exciting new changes for season 8. Gilgamesh is not all that, as a number of changes and corrections were made to the gods. We have many new skins and balance updates. Below is the complete list of updates for Smite 8.4.

Stigma Update 8.4 Patch notes

You can check out Smite’s patches for the 8.4 update here, including the Hi-Rez Mail update release schedule.

  • 6. April – Update of bonus 8.3
  • 20. April – Gilgamesh, Tyrant’s Claws, Cargo Box
  • 4. May – 8.4 Bonus Update, TBA Details

Epic of Gilgamesh

  • Gilgamesh Embarx! At levels 5 and 10, Gilgamesh receives a quest. The first command is to go to a specific location on the map. The second mission is to defeat half of the enemy team (rounded up) in one fight. Each time Gilgamesh completes a quest, he receives a level 1 item or 500 gold coins when his inventory is full.

Solar amplifier

  • Capacity: Stim
  • Rayon: 20
  • Gilgamesh lights his sword with the embers of the sun for 4 years. Enemies near the ignition take damage and are delayed 2.5 seconds. Gilgamesh’s basic attack deals bonus damage to enemies equal to 3.5% of maximum health. When Gilgamesh successfully hits an enemy with his basic attack, the duration of this effect is extended by 0.8s, to a maximum of 12s.
    • Damage: 65/100/135/170/205 (+60% of your body strength)
    • Take it easy: 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%
    • Cost: 60
    • Restart: 14/13/12/11/10s


  • Capacity: Line
  • Area: 25
  • Gilgamesh throws a plane for him. Enemies in the area take damage while the nearest enemy is shot through. A triggered enemy takes bonus damage when it hits a minion, or takes burst damage and is stunned when it hits a god or wall. If a downed enemy hits the winds of Shamash, he is thrown into the center of the ring. Minions hit by a fleeing enemy take bonus damage. The gods, struck by a fleeing foe, strike and are stunned.
    • Kick damage: 70/100/130/160/190 (+50% of your body power)
    • Bonus damage: 25/40/55/70/85 (+25% of your body power)
    • Blast damage: 70/115/160/205/250 (+65% of your body power)
    • Anesthesia time: 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s
    • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
    • Restart: 14s

Hero Advance

  • Capacity: Spring
  • Area: 50
  • Gilgamesh leaps into the air and crashes into just the right spot. Enemies near the attack take damage. Gilgamesh fills the ground with energy, causing a beacon to appear for 5 seconds. Allies running to the lighthouse get movement speed, with the speed halved as soon as they enter the lighthouse. Allies who enter the House of Light receive an increased health bonus of 15% of Gilgamesh’s highest defense.
    • Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+65% of your body strength)
    • Travel speed : 25/27.5/30/32.5/35%
    • Lifestyle: 10%
    • Cost: 70
    • Restart: 15s

Public wind

  • Capacity: Ground target
  • Area: 35
  • Gilgamesh summons Shamash to create a ring of wind at the chosen location for 6 seconds. Enemies within this ring take damage and are delayed 2 seconds. Enemies within the ring receive wind damage every 5 seconds. Enemies trying to escape the ring are slowed down considerably. If Gilgamesh deals damage to an opponent trying to escape, he is sent back to the center of the ring. Wind turns into a thread over 6s; damages, roots and paralyzes enemies still in the ring.
    • First damage: 90/150/210/270/330 (+50% of your body power)
    • Initial schedule : 20/22.5/25/27.5/30%
    • Wind Damage: 12/16/20/24/28 (+5% of your body power)
    • Wind wall slow: 50/55/60/65/70%
    • Connection damage: 150/225/300/375/450 (+60% of your body power)
    • Cost: 80/85/90/95/100
    • Restart: The 90s


  • Crimson King Gilgamesh, standard color.
  • Gilgamesh Rising, Season Passage 2021 Records
  • Mastery of Gilgamesh, Mastery of the Skin
  • Chilling Hersir Ares, Standards | Claws of Tyranny
  • The headless horror film Chiron, Standards | Tyrant’s Claws
  • Lady of the Sea Discordia, Standards. Talons of Tyranny.
  • Medusa with a tormented soul, Standards Tyrant’s Claws.
  • Merlin’s Merry Boy, Exclusive Chesty
  • Peace Out Artemis, exclusive to Groovy Chest.

Updating quality of life

New slash mode

  • The launch of this card is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • This new map is designed to look like a remake of Siege and Clash, but at the same time. Our goal is to create a game type that the Victory and Clash Mains networks will enjoy playing.
  • Looking at the problems of Siege, the team felt that many aspects of Clash could be applied to improve it. The Clash had similar problems that had to be solved with siege mechanisms.
  • Both maps occupy a similar place in SMITE: Lots of combat, little strategy – but with real corridors, towers and jungle objectives.
  • These draft conclusions led us to summarize them in a map.
  • Since merging the best parts of each card is such a great goal – the name Slash will remain.
  • It will include Mayan and Egyptian environments, each connected to its respective base.
  • The game type will be 5v5, but with a bit more siege mechanics than collision mechanics. SMITE is better balanced, offering a better social experience and better player performance in 5v5 mode.

Free rewards – additional information

  • This system is fully enabled on PC and Xbox.
  • The PS4 came out recently, but the PS5 is still in development.
  • The Nintendo Switch cannot support in-game video streaming and will never have access to these benefits.
  • The video functions are managed by a different company than Hi-Rez.
  • There is a lot of experimentation with the number of videos in total and the frequency of video opportunities, so this system will be fairly random for most players. It can also vary greatly from region to region.
  • The system will always be random, so just follow the button on the home screen to open it if it’s available (or ignore it if you’re not interested).

Breast screen

  • The shop area, where players can buy and roll crates, has been revamped with a new user interface.

Baba Yaga

  • Made a number of changes to improve the feel of Baba Yaga, mainly focusing on her ultimate ability.
    • Fixed an issue where the camera and player movements would shake when using this skill.
    • Fixed bug where Ultimate had animations and effects, but no fire.
    • Reduces the duration of self-rooting the first time this skill is used.
    • Fixed an issue where Baba’s movement and aiming point wobbled when hitting gods and walls while running in the last state.


  • The Babylonian Pantheon music that plays during the main menu has been modified to better fit the tone of Gilgamesh and integrate better with the main menu.
  • Queue entry
    • All players are now always displayed.
    • This is part of our initiative to improve server performance and gives us some more time to register players correctly and securely.
    • The text of this notification has been adapted to take account of this new use.
  • The game mode, duration and ID are now displayed in the details section at the end of the game lobby and in the main tab.



  • Fixed bug where the progress bar for free rewards no longer showed the correct progress.

General game

  • Fixed bug where a card from season 7 was used in Conquest of the Day mode (already fixed in Live).
  • Fixed bug where players in the queue in one region could be selected again in another region, but not if the lobby failed (e.g. an opponent was not selected).
  • Fixed an issue where players could not join friends in some cases even if they had a set of MMR, such as. B. if they played with a friend who was not ranked that season, or if they played with a teammate in the Masters.
  • Fixed an issue where the St. Patrick’s Day avatar was using the wrong image.
  • Fixed an issue where Siege Mode could cause an unwanted interaction with Baron’s Infusion.


  • Janus
    • Fixed an issue where the Crash Test skin was invisible in the game and in the lobby.
  • Baba Yaga
    • Fixed an issue where Baba could not always get out of the way when hit by Awilix Ult.
  • Chaak
    • Fixed an issue where you could interrupt a special level 5 skin emote and become invisible.
  • Ra
    • Fixed an issue where Unholy Doodle Rability 2 and 4 were using the default visual effects instead of the intended effects.
    • Making the movement of the FX 1 visual ability faster and tighter, keeping it much closer to the intended target area.
  • Raijin
    • Fixed a problem where Raijin’s passive meter seemed to reset the batteries to die. Raijin keeps his stack through death, and now the images will show it.
  • Thoth
    • Fixed an issue where the audio component of the voice action was missing from the Nightmare Book skin when firing at full power.


  • Sentinel Boone
    • Fixed a bug where the passive property of this item would activate on both kills and assists, instead of just assists.
  • Mail from Midgardia
    • Fixed a bug where only this item stacked and slowed down the attack speed of the items.


Game modes

  • Live Conquest update – Storm on the way
    • King Gilgamesh comes to challenge Tiamat, an act of aggression that many gods disapprove of. Offended by this, Tiamat summons a powerful lightning bolt. It also cultivates its hanging gardens with dangerous plantations without restraint.
    • The skybox and backlighting of the Conquest map have been changed to a dark and stormy style to reflect this evolution of the SMITE universe.
  • In addition, a new game mechanism is introduced:
  • Wine Walls
    • Breakdown at specific and symmetrical locations in the jungle.
    • Works like a player makes walls, you can’t get through.
    • Can only be destroyed by basic attacks (# hit not damaged)
  • Walls are reloaded when an adjacent jungle camp is reloaded (even if it was killed a few seconds earlier).
    • Oracle
    • Mid Harpies (GF)
    • Mid Harpies (FG)
  • To use it also for displaying the queue in game
    • See the Thiamat lock + activate the Skybox
    • Overcome
    • Conquering the rankings
    • Background image of the row
  • Additional functions for scaling/requesting
  • Invisible film technology
    • When gods use aerial attack, the leaves of trees in the area of their ability become temporarily invisible.
    • This effect only takes effect when the gods rise above a certain height.
  • Towers on the second level
    • Increase in base power from 2,500 to 2,800 hp.
    • Base damage per shot increased from 260 to 290
  • Large Scorpion (Jungle)
    • Reduce maximum basic health from 780 to 660
    • Basic protection reduced from 20 to 14
    • Reduction of the maximum health scale from +175 to +145
    • Physical protection has been increased from +2 to +1.5.
    • Reduce protection from magic damage from +2 to +1.
  • Manticore (Red stamp holder)
  • Berserk
    • Reduced the physical strength scale from 18 damage per hit to 15.
  • Basic door
  • Added new lines connecting the death of the phoenix to the doors
    • Killing the left phoenix removes the opening of the left door.
    • Killing the right phoenix will remove the debug area on the right door.
    • Killing the middle phoenix removes the opening areas of both doors.



With Hammer’s Bumba, Death’s Toll, and the improved version Death’s Embrace, you can gain significant advantages by hitting enemies. However, this move can easily be healed from a distance by immune jungle monsters. For items with real power or healing, you’ll have to battle jungle monsters if you want to take advantage of them. The same is now true for these articles.

  • This article is no longer an advertisement for immunity camps in the jungle.


  • This article is no longer an advertisement for immunity camps in the jungle.


  • This article is no longer an advertisement for immunity camps in the jungle.


Ornate Arrow has a hard time competing with other late game fighter choices. It was often only effective if you maximized your stack, which was difficult to achieve and pushed the endgame even further away. We shrink the battery gauge and give it extra power to flatten this power curve. You will still need to make smart investments, but the risk is worth it.

  • This item now offers a 10% attack speed.
  • This item now has a 5% chance to make a critical hit.
  • Liabilities
    • Reduce the maximum number of batteries from 25 to 20.
    • Attack rate increased from 1% per stack to 1.25% per stack. (25% to the maximum number of stacks).
    • Increases chance of critical impact from 0.8% per stack to 1% per stack. (20% with the maximum number of stacks)


The chief’s boiler was difficult to build. Few gods can really opt for the leather bag early in the game to provide their team with a strong aura late in the game. We adjust the base stats and give the passive aura a base power buffer that can never be reduced below 5% power. The extra attack speed helps more gods adopt this strategy, and the base power aura even makes him useful in 5v5 teamfights.

  • This item now gives 15% attack speed.
  • New liabilities
    • AURA – You give all nearby allied gods 5% more power. This aura gains a bonus for each allied god within a radius of X units, increasing the aura’s power by another 3%. For each enemy god within X units, remove one stack.


Sentinel’s Embrace is the way to go for support and no wonder! It brings incredible survivability and utility, making it difficult to explore other options. We shift the power of the aura and make sure he still feels bad enough for the support he provides, but reduce the benefit he provides to the team as a whole.

  • The range of the passive aura has been increased from 30 to 55 units.
  • Physical protection has been increased from 20 to 30.
  • The magic protection has been increased from 20 to 30.
  • The reduction in the defense level is shared among all nearby allies, from 100 to 80.
  • The protection level has been lowered from 50 to 40.


Compassion is certainly a candidate for the song that was supplanted by Sentinel’s Embrace, but it had its own problems. The range of the Aura makes it difficult to stay relevant to the targets you’re trying to protect, while the mitigation of this element of that extra incoming damage was lacking. With the following changes, maybe it’s time to show a little compassion to your allies.

  • Increased the range of passive aura from 40 to 70.
  • The magic protection has been increased from 40 to 60.
  • Increase HP5 from 30 to 45.


Sunding Axe’s liabilities have a big impact. Opening the fight with a powerful thrust and quick health regeneration made this item attractive not only to warriors, but also to mages. We like the idea of gods being flexible from the start, but mages could really benefit from the initial explosion and defensive state, which was more frustrating than benefiting the warrior. We’re modifying the Drain Axe to take into account your own defenses, making it just as strong for the warriors who build it now, but more demanding of mages who want to take advantage of those power elements.

  • Reduces bonus damage from 10% of the opponent’s current health to 5% of the opponent’s current health + 2% of the item’s total defense.
  • The maximum damage bonus is 14% of the opponent’s current health.
  • It takes 400 total protection measures to reach the ceiling.


One of the most popular starters in the offense isn’t exactly the impact player you’d expect him to be. Bluestone users should be at an advantage early in the game to make it worth taking this item. Even with his improvements, he tends to fall further into the middle of games than other rookies. We’re increasing the physical level here to give him the power he needs to move forward quickly.

  • Increase in physical capacity by 10 to 15


Blaustein’s updates have been the subject of much discussion lately. The primer is supposed to be a standard upgrade for classic bluestone users, such as ability hunters and aggressive warriors. It’s just that this item wasn’t at the same level as the other beginning upgrades, so the passive does a lot more damage now.

  • Increases base passive damage from 25 to 75


This point is frightening. But that made the girls a little more scared than the players. We used it with an extra long cooldown to get an even stronger effect, but it seems to be set too safely for balance. We are in the process of significantly reducing this cooling to hopefully see this in practice before making further decisions on balance.

  • Cooling from 10 m to 6 m


  • Fixed a bug where this item did not activate simultaneously with the Ultimate ability and other Artur items.



He’s brave, he’s handsome, he’s… not so hot right now. Recently, Achilles has fallen to one of the lowest levels in terms of player perception and wins. This god can become very dominant in the solo lane with little variation, so we’re playing it safe here. He sees his Bash Shield as a cool little lover who should help him without breaking him. We also lower the penalty for successfully executing an enemy. This effect is a strong start he hasn’t felt yet.

  • The subcooling time has been reduced from 15 to 14 seconds.
  • Bonus damage reduction from 10% to 5%.


Season 8 is a big party, but no one invited the god of wine? ! Bacchus has shown some brief signs of strength in conquests over the years, but overall he is struggling compared to other regimes. These changes are designed to increase the competitiveness of the company. Chug will be even easier to maintain, and Belch, his main ability a clean streak, sees an increase in damage.

  • Mana cost reduced from 40 to 20 on all ranks.
  • Reduction of cooling time from 10s to 8s
  • The description of the protection has been improved to indicate that the power offers 0 protection at grade 0.
  • Increases base damage from 25/40/55/70/85 to 30/45/60/75/90 per tick.


The World Serpent is a fantastically unique god in SMITE who, after a powerful start, has been toppled by rival gods, both in terms of story and game balance. Since the beginning of season 8, we’ve been working to get Jorma back on track, and we’re still working on that. These changes enhance both his lane phase and his team battles. With Bellows, he has a base attack at full speed for longer after Roar, and Cold Plunge helps him attack or escape more often.

  • The buffer time for increasing the attack rate has been increased from 1 to 1.5 s per stack.
  • Cooling reduced from 16s to 16/15/14/13/12s


It’s time for Merlin’s lovers. This god has endured a lot over the years and gotten a lot of nerve. Lately, we’ve been focusing on reclaiming his fiery position, which is often considered the weakest. The Defensive Shredder is currently only targeted against gods, but it is generally very difficult to stack, which severely limits its hitting power. It is now much stronger on the first tap and stabilizes at about the same value on all taps later in the game. The shooting position should be more interesting to change now, especially if you’re trying to target an enemy tank.

  • Increased protection level from 0.5/1/1.5/2.5% per stack to 4% per character for all ranks.
  • Maximum chimney reduction from 6 to 4
    • The result is a change – the increase in protection for God alone has gone from 3/6/9/12/15% to 16% at maximum stacks.


Weaver of Fate found some influential fans last year, and we’ve been following them closely ever since. Even with these changes, Nit has struggled in the current meta. Their abilities are strong, but generally much longer than those of other hunters. To level the playing field, we reduce the cooling of their main priority power.

  • Reduction of cooling capacity from 15s to 15/14.5/13s


New season, new map, new Olympus, but Olorun feels like he was left behind in season 7. Saul and Chronos recently received fans that had a big impact on their stats, and now it’s Olorun’s turn. He gets two buffs that affect the damage of his main attack, making him more resistant to other ADCs.

  • Increase of the basic allowance from 38 to 40
  • Damage from critical hit increased from 50% to 55%.


Assassin’s main target has been struggling lately. Serqet saw the more playful game as an endorsement reflected in some of the earlier changes. At the end, it looks like he’s playing less at both positions, we apply two buffers to him to bring him back to an aggressive jungler. The first change protects his passive from effects like Aegis Relic or Block Stack, and the second adds a healthy dose of physical power scaling to his limit. Serqet is a very inclusive goddess, and these risky plays should pay off more often with these changes.

  • Stacks are consumed and additional damage is only inflicted when Serqet successfully damages a god (as opposed to a single hit).
  • Capacity increase from 55% to 70


This goalie is definitely underrated at the moment. Sylvanus brings a lot of control and utility to the team, and also has some of the best streaks of his own with his unique head attacks. Its passivity is often a topic of discussion, and we’re working on it for a future update. He gets some minor damage upgrades to move more efficiently. This should complement his CC and care, providing a support that any CDA would love to have.

  • Increases base attack damage from 35 to 38
  • Increased the power of the magic scale from 35% to 50%.


Mother of Monsters has had a rather interesting start to the season. It’s clear that this goddess has a learning curve, as we’ve seen her earnings steadily increase since launch day. The game is complex and offers the player many solutions, some of which currently appear to be the strongest option. Building Tiamat as a tank led to frustrating interactions with her passive saponification, so magical powers are now needed to evolve her. Plus, their snakes appear to be the best choice for Ultimate. We fight against their divisions, which can lead to both evil and disease.

  • Reduces damage from 60% to 30% + 5% of Tiamat’s magic power, reducing a total of 60% of 600’s magic power.
  • Reduce from 3 to 2 the number of hits required for the minions to damage the snake’s health.
  • Reduce the power scale from 8% to 5% of Tiamat’s magical power.
  • The description text has been updated to clarify that the first damage is inflicted on the first hit on the target, not when the skill is used.
  • Increases the initial damage of a Ladder attack from 30% of your spell’s power to 40%.
  • Increased the damage tap scale from 10% of your spell ability to 12% per tap.

Fixed bug where Arturian items would not activate when expected with Tiamat Ultimates.


The eighth season of Dev Tests gave the feeling that Jun Kui is back! His old favorite item, the vampire shroud, and a few other meta changes made him a major factor. It didn’t happen. We give Zhong Kui significant buffer scaling for his primary range damage and his ability to clear bandwidth. This should give him a chance to fight other mages in the meta.

  • Increased the magic power scale per tick from 15% to 20% (from 75% to 100% total).

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Make sure you have downloaded SuperSU or Magisk Manager (link in the required section of this article). Then continue with the next steps.

Warning: You can use Magisk Manager or Super SU, but only one, so choose wisely. Go to Magisk Manager if you are not sure.

Step one: Transfer the downloaded SuperSU or Magisk Manager file to the internal memory / SD card of your Micromax Note 1 E7746 smartphone.

Step two: Just get started on the recovery. You can also make a ROM backup via the TWRP interface. However, I recommend that you make a backup copy of the ROM. Because if the process fails, you can flash the ROM.

Step three: Press Install, then navigate to the or file and drag the firmware confirmation file (located at the bottom of the screen). The Magisk/SuperSU flash process has started and will take a few seconds.

Congratulations, you are now rooted in the Micromax Note 1 E7746 and you have also flashed TWRP. Now you can install Xposed Framework and customize your smartphone as you like. If you want to check it, you can download and check the root status through the Root Checker application.

Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard Release Date 2021 – Pre Order Pricing

Many gamers are eagerly waiting for the release date of Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard 2021, as this game in the Call of Duty series is coming out soon. Therefore, all players of the Call of Duty series want to know when this game will come out and what the storyline will be.

Get complete information about Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard release date 2021, release schedule of this game and other information related to this upcoming game in CoD series. Let’s take a look at all the details of this upcoming game.

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Vanguard Duty Call WW2 Release Date 2021

Call of Duty is a popular game series that many gamers play. There are many games in this great series. Everyone is looking forward to the next big game in the series in 2021. The title of the game Call of Duty 2021 was recently confirmed. The title of the next CoD game will likely be Vanguard and will be set during World War II. This game should be set in the traditional setting of World War II.

Isn’t it fun to enjoy the upcoming Call of Duty game set during World War II? Now that the title and storyline of this new game have been revealed, all gamers are eagerly waiting for the release date of this game. The exact release date of WW2 2021 Duty Vanguard game has not been announced yet. But sources say this game could be in the fourth. The figures for the first quarter of 2021 will be announced in November. As soon as the exact release date of this upcoming game is announced by the developer, we will update it here.

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It’s also interesting to meet the developer of the next Call of Duty game. It has been officially confirmed that the game is being developed by Sledgehammer. The publisher of this game will be Activision. Activision has released every Call of Duty game to date and will continue to do so.

This game is currently in development at Sledgehammer Games. According to sources, the title of the upcoming game will be Vanguard. However, the exact title may change before the game is released.

One of the most important things you need to know is on which gaming platforms this game will be supported. So far it has not been announced on which game platforms this game will be released. However, we expect you to be able to play it on different gaming platforms such as PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and others. We will inform you as soon as the official list of supported platforms is available.

As for the price, the publisher of this game has not announced it yet. But given the starting price of other Call of Duty games, it could be around $70.

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Here is the complete information about Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard release date 2021. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about the upcoming game in the comments section. We’d like to know if you’re looking forward to this game or not.

Conclusion: Vanguard Duty Call WW2 Release Date 2021

In conclusion, we hope that you have got complete information about Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard Release Date 2021, the release date of this game and much more. If you have any doubts or questions about this upcoming game, you can ask us in the comments section. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts.

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Associated companies

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How to get Dungeon Siege 2 to work on Windows 10

In this article, we will see how to get Dungeon Siege 2 on Windows 10 in a few easy steps, so feel free to read on.

How do I start Dungeon Siege 2 on Windows 10?

1. Keeping the driver informed

If the driver is outdated or defective, it may directly affect the operation of the associated software.

This can also happen in Dungeon Siege 2. We therefore recommend that you use special driver update software before doing anything else.

Drivers are essential for your PC and all the programs you use every day. If you want to avoid crashes, freezes, errors, hiccups or other problems, you need to keep it up-to-date.
The constant search for driver updates takes time. Fortunately, you can use an automated solution that securely checks for new updates and easily applies them. Therefore, we strongly recommend DriverFix.
Follow these simple steps to safely update your drivers:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Wait for DriverFix to detect all your faulty drivers.
  4. The software will then show you all the drivers that have problems and you only need to select the one that you want to fix.
  5. Wait for DriverFix to download and install the latest drivers.
  6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Drivers will no longer be an issue when you download and start using this powerful software today.

Denial: This program must be upgraded from the free version to perform specific actions.

2. Play the game in compatibility mode

  1. Go to the location of the file you downloaded the game from.
  2. Create a shortcut for the file here.
  3. Then go to Properties and click on the Compatibility tab.
  4. Select the option Run this program in compatibility mode. Now choose an older version of Windows from the menu.

Once compatibility mode is enabled, Dungeon Siege 2 should be able to run on Windows 10.

3. change label

  1. In the Steam folder, navigate to the game folder.
  2. Open Programs and select General.
  3. Click on Dungeon Siege 2 and use the DS2VideoConfic tool to select your graphics card.
  4. Create a shortcut with the .exe file.
  5. Then right-click on the shortcut and select Properties.
  6. In the Target field, after the quotes, add: fullscreen=1600 false alarm width=900

Then check if the game works properly.

4. Running the game in windowed mode

  1. Find the game in your library and right click on it.
  2. Select Properties from the list.
  3. Now click and navigate to Startup Settings.
  4. Fill in fullscreen=false or select height=1920 and width=1080.
  5. Close the window and try to restart the game.

Hopefully, one of the solutions presented in this article helped you to play Dungeon Siege 2 on Windows 10 without any problems.

Let us know in the comments below which one worked best for you, we’d love to know.

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Xbox Reveals Games with Gold Titles for April 2021

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to enjoy several games for free in April 2021 as part of the Games with Gold program. It’s the Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Truck Racing Championships, Dark Void and Hard Corps: The uprising. Some of these games will only be available for two weeks, so subscribers should keep an eye out for the dates below.

  • Vikings: Wolves of Midgard ($39.99): Available from 1 to 30. April
  • Truck Racing Championship ($59.99 ERP): From 16 years of age. April to the 15th. May
  • Dark Void ($14.99 MSRP): Available from 1. to 15. April
  • Hard case: Uprising ($14.99 ERP): Available from 16 till 30 April


Vikings: Midgardian Wolves

Travel to the shores of Midgard, a world based on mythology with a touch of fantasy. Join the infamous band of Viking warriors and fight the feared Jotan and the beasts of Ragnarok. Use powerful weapons, such as swords and shields, two-handed hammers, axes and bows, and defeat the monstrous creatures of Fimbulwinter that threaten to destroy all life.

Championship Truck Racing

Get behind the wheel of a huge 5-ton, 1,000-horsepower trailer and experience a whole new level of racing. In the unique events of the European Truck Racing Championship you can drive 45 different vehicles on 14 circuits around the world. Take into account the weight of the truck in the corners, follow the wear of the tires and find the best tactics to win the race.

The Dark Void

Enter the void, a dark parallel world full of hostile aliens and deep secrets. Dark Void features powerful weapons that combine ground and air combat with jetpack combat to create an exciting dynamic. Experience the seamless transition from combat to flight in this epic adventure.

Hard case: Rebellion

Play in a retro game with the gun, Hard Corps: The uprising. Write your own legend in the gruelling trenches of Arcade Mode, or upgrade and create your own soldier in Rising Mode, where only the very best can survive and achieve ultimate victory.

Source: Xbox

Latest news

Caged Spy Shooter XIII is free for 48 hours on GOG.

30. March 2021 30. March 2021

Apple gets 4 nano chips from TSMC for next generation Mac.

30. March 2021 30. March 2021

AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT difficulties with ray tracing in Cyberpunk 2077

30. March 2021 30. March 2021

CD PROJECT RED announces new development strategy after disappointing Cyberpunk 2077 launch

30. March 2021 30. March 2021

NVIDIA releases GeForce Game Ready 465.89 Driver

30. March 2021 30. March 2021

NVIDIA enables Resizable BAR for GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards, increasing performance up to 12%

30. March 2021 30. March 2021

frequently asked questions

What are the Xbox games with Gold this month?

2021/02/23 New games…

Has Xbox removed games with gold?

On the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, you will no longer have access to Gold games if you cancel your subscription. … On Xbox 360, you can save any Gold-status games you use as an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, whether you still have a subscription or not.

Where can I find games with Gold 2020?

First, go to your Xbox store. Once there, open the membership page – you can see the link on the main page of the store. Then head over to the Xbox Live Gold section. Here are the games currently available to you through Xbox Games with gold.

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Evil Genius 2 – Crashing at Startup – Game won’t Launch

This guide contains some basic solutions for those who have problems getting Evil Genius 2 to work on their computer.

Evil Genius 2 crashes on startup for many people on Steam, and for some it doesn’t start.

Why the game crashes or does not start

Evil Genius 2 is finally here, and it’s already starting to take its toll on Steam. The game is without a doubt one of the most anticipated games of 2021. After the huge success of Evil Genius, a sequel was needed. A lot of people were waiting for it.

The game is good, there are some problems, but overall it’s a really great game. That’s not to say Evil Genius 2 shines in the technical department either. He has performance issues. I will talk about this in another article. Right now I’m talking about the accidents and launch problems people have.

Looking at Evil Genius 2, you’d think it wasn’t a heavy title. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you look at the system requirements for the game, you will see that it is very demanding. You’ll need a Ryzen 5 1600 paired with a GTX 1660 Super 6GB or a Radeon RX 5700 8GB to play at 1080p at 60fps.

But what about people with powerful PCs? Why does it block or not start on them? Well, you see, the problem is that it’s hard to say exactly what’s causing this problem. Starting problems can be caused by several factors. And the situation differs from user to user. And if the problem is on the developer’s side, forget about fixing it yourself.

The big question now is whether there is a solution to this problem.

How to troubleshoot crashes and startup problems in Evil Genius

Before you begin, make sure you are using Windows 10. If this is not the case, it is not necessary to read this manual any further. Evil Genius 2 only works on Windows 10, and only in the 64-bit version. A DirectX 12 graphics processor is also required. The Steam page for Little Nightmares 2 specifically mentions this. If you are using Windows 7, 8.1 or a 32-bit operating system, you are out of luck.

Also, restart your computer before performing the following steps.

I don’t know what your equipment is like. So I can’t know what exactly is causing your malfunction. But my experience with these problems is that in most cases these crash and non-boot problems are due to missing antivirus software, outdated drivers, or the absence of Visual Studio in the system. And that’s exactly what I’m going to recommend here.

Graphic driver update

I scrolled through some of the posts on the Evil Genius 2 discussion page on Steam and was shocked at the number of people using outdated graphics drivers. Some were even using versions that were 3-4 years old. So do your system a favor and update your graphics drivers.

Download and install the latest version of C++ Redistributable

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Visual C++ redistribution, as it may be installed incorrectly. Just follow this link and download the latest version. The 64-bit version is the one you need to install. Then click on the one that says x64: vc_redist.x64. Restart the computer after the installation is completed.

Anti-virus software

In some cases, the Evil Genius 2 .exe file may be quarantined by some antivirus applications, preventing the game from running. In this case, you may need to disable the real-time scanning or real-time protection feature of your antivirus program. If you don’t want to disable the software completely, you should add Evil Genius 2 .exe to your AV software exclusion list.

Try it first and let me know in the comment section below if your problems are solved or not.

That’s all, folks!

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10 Best Monsters in Summoners War

There are many monsters you can unlock in War of Summer. Each has its own style, its own set of moves and its own advantage for your team. Supporting these creatures for turn-based combat is a good part of the game, so you need to make sure you have the best ones available to use.

We went through and identified the samples we liked best and the options we thought should be unlocked and developed. Our list includes monsters best suited for PvE and PvP, as many of them are excellent options for the zone you want to play in. These are usually 4 or 5 star monsters, which are the rarest in the game. This increased rarity has a reason, and is largely why they are the best monsters to use.

Ahamamir (Ifrit van de Wind)

Figureon the summer war database

Ahamamir is an absolute monster on the attack in all phases of the game. His Mega Smash does a lot of damage and lasts for two turns, Super Crush hits and stuns every opponent, and Mach Crush also destroys every opponent. With that kind of firepower, you can’t go wrong with Ahammir for all your offensive needs. Defensively he’s weaker (obviously), but he more than makes up for it with what he can do. If you team up with Ahamamir with the right allies to keep them alive and fighting, you’ll be in top form.

Dark homunculus (asymmetric field)

Figureon the summer war database

Dark Homunculus is well balanced, his only real weakness is when he tries to defend himself in guild wars. Outside of that area though, they can be a solid choice for any part of the game. They are a great offensive option that comes with solid base stats that you can improve upon. You really can’t go wrong choosing Dark Homunculus, in almost any capacity.

Elsharion (Light Ifrit)

Figureon the summer war database

Elsharion is one of the most balanced monsters in the game, with both offensive and support skills. His Mega Smash deals massive damage in two turns, and with his Master of Magical Power he can steal useful effects from enemies and even transfer them to all allies. He has very high defensive stats in addition to his offense, which is always a good combo.

Joan (Light Paladin)

Figureon the summer war database

Jeanne has a heavy leadership skill that increases the resistance of enemy allies in guild battles, which can be a great help. The increase is also 55%, nothing to laugh at. She is also a very fast monster, she started on 102 as soon as she woke up. Jeanne’s biggest drawback is that she’s not very useful in dungeons, as many other monsters offer better advantages to get through.

Sigmarus (Phoenix Water)

Figureon the summer war database

Sigmarus is an important monster, especially if you play Dungeons games. Sigmarus’ Leader skill gives all allies in the dungeon a 44% health boost, which is huge. All of his attack skills are incredibly effective, especially his Ice Volcano skill. This attack uses an explosive volcano to deal damage to all enemies based on their maximum HP while reducing their attack power for two turns.

Thesearion (Fire-Ifrit)

Figureon the summer war database

Tesarion is not a good option for the dungeon, but he is good almost everywhere. He really excelled at PvP, especially in Guild Wars. The ability to make enemy monsters disappear not only reduces their usefulness, but also makes them much easier to kill. He is also excellent in raids due to his strong base stats and the amount of damage he can do.

Theomar (Water-Ifrit)

Image via Chronicle Wars database

Water Ifrit is an absolute monster in PvP, especially with his ability to use runes to increase damage between enemies. She also has very solid defensive stats, meaning she can be hard to take down. Almost all of his skills are good enough for a solid number of moves, and he really is a great offensive option. Additionally, Theomar’s leadership skill increases each ally’s critical percentage by 24%.

Veromos (Dark Ifrit)

Figureon the summer war database

Veromos is a monster best used when concentrating on speed, as it reaches 100 after waking up. It’s also great for dungeons and can give a great boost to beginners. When he uses his AoE Super Crush stun attack, which also deals damage proportional to his maximum HP. Towards the middle of the game, it loses some of its usefulness as you unlock more monsters that provide better benefits for mid-game activities, but it’s not enough to get rid of it entirely.

Watermelon (ice fog trail)

Image via Chronicle Wars database

One of the best things about using the Water Homunculus is that its passive ability Magic Force Blast revives the monster by 50% if you are hit fatally. It will also be present in the magic power explosion, which makes all enemies do 30% more damage. Unfortunately you have no control over it and it disappears at the end of your turn, but it’s worth it and can be a big help when needed.

Xiong Fei (Fire Panda Warrior)

Figureon the summer war database

Xiong Fei is fairly balanced and offers some good support skills that both remove damaging effects and increase the defense of allies. He’s really good against NB10 Dungeon, where his ability to hit opponents quickly with three hard hits. He is also excellent at filling in once he wakes up and has good speed. He can take serious damage and is easily supplemented with runes.

frequently asked questions

What are the best monsters of the summer war?


Who should wage war against the Star-Ledger?

Summerswar comments…

What are the chances of getting a 5 star monster in the summer war?

As of January 2018, 5-star monsters have a 0.5% chance of getting a mystic roll. 4-star monsters have about an 8.2% chance of getting a mystical roll. Monsters with 3 stars have about a 91% chance of being summoned by a Mystic Scroll.

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Pacific Rim: The Black – An Apology for Uprising

Denial: The opinions expressed in this article do not reflect those of the blog and other contributors. The author of this review is very passionate about the title franchise, so take his ideas with a grain of salt and a glass of kaiju milk. – Karsish

Imagine this: You are a 12-year-old boy watching the opening monologue of a movie called Pacific Rim (2013), knowing nothing about the movie, with no expectations and nothing to lose. This young man falls in love with the world that director Guillermo del Toro has lovingly created and dreams of seeing the sequel to the franchise in the future.

That guy was me. Fast forward to 2018: The sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising had just released a huge sounding whopper, similar to the wet tuba played by a beluga whale. With the near unanimous rejection of the sequel, all the hype surrounding the rumor of an animated adaptation of the franchise has died down. Many have even forgotten that it is being done.

That was before the Pacific Rim trailer, though: Black has fallen to 6. February 2021. Given everything I hated about Uprising and then some that seems to come back to haunt me, I’ve come full circle by stepping into the latest Netflix anime adaptation with no expectations and nothing to lose. This appeared to be the best possible atmosphere to get into this show, and unfortunately I was wrong.

Pacific Rim: Black is a Netflix original animated series based on Pacific Rim (2013), directed by Guillermo del Toro. Defined indefinitely after Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) and tells the story of Taylor Travis (Calum Worthy) and Hayley Travis (Gideon Adlon), who go in search of their parents in an old abandoned hunter after Australia is trapped by a massive kaiju invasion.

Garbage can disposal

The tragedy of the Pacific Rim: Rebellion, figuratively speaking, spits on the legacy of the original and has left a foul taste in the mouth of many. However, when I delved into the series, I was very pleased to see that The Black distanced itself and corrected the mistakes of the sequel by following the original film much more closely.

Most of the questions one would normally have after seeing the trailer for The Black are answered quickly and logically. Even the things I didn’t like at first, like the Atlas destroyer design and the clichéd premise of the series, were satisfyingly explained and executed. This allowed me to dive right into the series and be sure she would answer my questions.

I loved the main characters and the secondary characters (kudos to my boy Joel). Taylor and Haley were a sweet brother and sister and it was a joy to watch them interact. Their actions had disastrous consequences, and even at the end of the season, they were still not perfect as Jaeger pilots. Adlon’s role of Hayley was moving and impressive, for a character that can quickly become boring.

Fresh coat of paint, followed by some

The dawn of a new era for the franchise.

Black takes the best elements of what came before and uses the animation tools to expand on these concepts. The new ideas build on the existing ones and give us a deeper look into the history and world building of Pacific Rim. For example, the drift is visualized when falling into the water and has a spectacular transient animation. The drifting technology itself is also explored in much greater depth, and the series gives us a glimpse of the horrific consequences of its reckless use.

Uprising suffered from floating Jaegers and a weak sound design, while The Black has much more immersive and impressive animation and a powerful sound design. Believe me, I went back and watched scenes from all three parts in the franchise just to compare. While Pacific Rim became overly modern and holographic in its design, The Black brought back what the franchise did best: a gritty interface, an industrial setting, and an abandoned stone environment.

Believe me, there is also a reason for the color scheme.

The setting of the series is fantastic, hand drawn and not 100% CGI. Black’s cinematography is very similar to that of the original film, constantly using low-angle shots and real camera angles to give scenes a tangible sense of scale. I constantly felt like I was seeing everything Polygon Pictures could do with a small overall budget.

But most of all, as a musician, I wanted to hear the score of the show. Pacific Rim’s main theme may be timeless, but Black’s score does not disappoint at all. Unsurprisingly, the series’ composer, Brandon Campbell, was actually the assistant to Ramin Javadi, who recorded the music for the original film. Campbell has done a phenomenal job of capturing what makes Pacific Rim so unique, sonically.

Final thoughts

Okay, I admit that I was under the impression that Black was the savior of this franchise – a particularly egregious excuse for Uprising. Is the show perfect? No, absolutely not. There are a few things holding him back from reaching his true potential. Jaegers looked too clean and shiny, even if he was damaged during the fight. Characters like Shane (Andy McPhee) and May (Victoria Grace) remain underdeveloped. The short length of season 1 (only 7 episodes) leaves a lot to be desired, and the unclear cliffhanger at the end doesn’t help either. The season finale wasn’t a finale at all, it was just an interlude for the sequel in season 2.

But despite all these flaws, I, a frustrated and battered Pacific Rim fan, still had a good time. You’re a BET. And you can bet I’ll want to know more about this series when it lands and hits the ground running. Pacific Rim: Black felt like a real Pacific Rim and a real attempt to sell the franchise.

Pacific Rim: Black (2021)

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15 Cool Winter Island Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Get ready, because winter is just around the corner!

And with the change of season comes a snowy island in Animal Crosses.

But who doesn’t like a nice snow scene? It brings warm feelings and a holiday spirit.

And thankfully, you don’t need snowplows on your island. That said, there are plenty of new DIY recipes, seasonal items, and holiday outfits to try out for the upcoming winter months.

If you need ideas for getting your ACNH island ready for winter, here are a few inspirations to get you started.

15. Snow boys, snow boys everywhere!

Trash Can Image Source

Winter in Beastly Crossing brings a lot of snow.

And what is one of the great snow day pastimes? Building a snowman, of course!

The snowmen in Animal Crossing come to life in every winter scene.

During the snow season, snowballs are scattered around your island. If you flip two of them over and put them together, you get a beautiful new snowman!

Do your best to make the elusive perfect snowmobile or, if that’s your style, make your own by making it comically out of proportion.

You can even make your own snowmen by taking snowflakes and sprinkling your island with these snow friends.

14. Castle of the Sparkling Princess

Image source by @belovedpaws.cross

With the advent of seasonal winter recipes comes the institution of the frozen do-it-yourself kit.

These craft projects give off a brilliant princess vibe, especially if you adapt them to different colors, like pink, purple or yellow.

Use the frozen pillars and arches to build yourself a royal palace of which you are the princess (or princesses).

When your snow palace is ready, decorate it however you want with all the shiny objects you want.

Light up reindeer, gift stacks, candy dispensers, coasters and stuffed pandas are just a few examples of items that can be used for a palace canopy.

After all, you are the boss and no one can tell you otherwise!

13. Ice cube house

Image Source By Reriks

Speaking of freezer decorations, there are many furniture options you can use in your home.

You can use all the frozen furniture to transform your home into a frozen wonderland!

Frozen beds, tables and chairs are available, as long as you have snowflakes to make them.

Again, you can choose any color to give the igloo a cool interior.

12. Lakeside Mountain Campground

image source QueenFufu

Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean you can’t use other spaces on your island.

Setting up your own campsite on the lake will require a lot on your part.

Still, it’s worth a picturesque escape. And in winter, it doubles!

Use different heights as needed to give the area a mountain chalet look.

This idea can provide a view that your residents will never forget!

11. Conservatories

image source from @amayra.cross

The gardens are a beautiful sight in the spring. And in winter they are even more breathtaking!

Take the time to design different garden furniture that suits your taste. This way you can create a beautiful landscape, as designed above.

The most important feature is probably the flowers.

Choose your favorites that will make your garden bloom.

I don’t understand how they can grow in the middle of winter.

Personally, I prefer white and pink flowers in the snow. But brighter colors like yellow or orange can make the scene warmer.

10. Snow Mermaid Palace

Image source by Alohanerd

One of my favorite DIY kits is the Mermaid kit.

Collecting shells and building tables, chairs, lights and fences may seem like summer fun…..

But there’s something magical about mussels in the winter.

The pastel colors of the mermaid items go well with the snow and create a calm feeling in any room.

Use your favorite sea objects to decorate your palace with mermaid items.

Personally, I prefer to turn up the shell speaker and put C.K. on full blast. Iceland for a beach holiday in winter!

9. Magical Winter Forests

Image source by @Opal_OakOasis

As you prepare for the winter months, you’ll probably be collecting and making a number of things related to mushrooms.

Well, you can even use these mushrooms in the winter.

Make lots of mushroom themed projects and place them in a forest full of trees.

Use mushroom tables and chairs for a fun picnic in a magical forest, or just enjoy the foliage.

When the snow falls, your magical forests can come alive even more when the trees and mushrooms are covered in this winter beauty!

8. Christmas Lights Extravaganza

Image source by ortegayb

Stop for a moment and think of all the Christmas decorations you’ve seen.

There’s always light everywhere, isn’t there?

Well, there are a lot of great fairy light recipes that you can make in Animal Crossing too. Things like Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes and more!

Line up 8 reindeer to prepare Santa for a wonderful night of delivering presents to all the villagers.

But light is not everything.

You can also use other seasonal decorations here, such as B. Stacks of gifts and holly bushes to make your island even more festive.

Or maybe maintain it year-round.

7. Outdoor snow measurement

Image source by @milkbiskits

Who said indoor furniture was limited to indoor spaces?

While this idea may suggest otherwise, you can use any piece of furniture to create a beautiful outdoor space.

You will have to make and buy many things that you may not already have, especially if you want to recreate the idea.

But these are well spent clocks.

And your design doesn’t have to be a study either.

Transform your living room, bedroom or kitchen into an outdoor space to enjoy the snow without sacrificing the comfort of your home.

6. Recreation room

Image source SabineLiebling17

When most people think of winter, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably the holidays.

In this cozy setting, you can celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or just the spirit of winter with a variety of seasonal items and recipes.

For some of the more seasonal elements, like the big Christmas tree, you have to go outside to catch snowflakes or shake trees to decorate them.

Other seasonal items, such as a snow globe or a Yoda magazine, can be easily purchased through Nook Shopping.

When you’re done gathering and decorating, sit down with a good book in front of the fireplace in this beautiful space.

5. Santa’s Workshop

Image source by @Acnh_nooksisle / @nookazon

With Toy Day always around in Animal Crossing, your residents probably look forward to getting toys the most.

And you can’t have a toy without someone somewhere making it!

So why not design a little toy workshop? Ideal for the beauty of winter.

Sometimes it takes a little more creativity to create your own design, but the time and effort are worth it to make your friends happy.

You can even use hay and a fence to create a place for deer.

After all, you can’t deliver gifts without them.

I would say this is a pattern where you really want to use as many well placed embellishments as possible.

Let’s face it, who appreciates the Christmas spirit more than Santa Claus himself?

4. Hot chocolate stand

Image Source: JojocrossingHRZ

After playing in the snow all day, I like to relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Building this beautiful scene doesn’t require many seasonal elements, but it does require your creative touch.

After you’ve made items like countertops and signboards out of raw wood, you can customize their appearance with custom templates to make your cabin match the mood of your island.

As for the furniture, you can choose the style that suits you best!

I think the iron garden furniture gives the whole thing a nice look, but is still very suitable for winter.

Just make a few cups and share the cocoa with your friends and the villagers!

3. Christmas tree farm

Image source by @ac_corinna

There is no Christmas without a good tree!

Although my family prefers artificial trees, many prefer the natural look of sturdy, freshly cut cedar.

And with this design, you have the freedom to call in your inner forester and cut down your own Christmas trees!

A truly creative design that fits perfectly with the winter aesthetic.

Most DIY recipes require a tree, so you’ll have to cut down some trees to make more (ironic, I know).

If you want to give the nursery a more seasonal feel, make a few stacks of gifts out of red wrapping paper and personalize them as you see fit.

The festivities can begin now!

2. Snow City Square

Image source: @xixi_scraping

I don’t know about you, but when I look at this beautiful town square, Christmas carols give me the creeps. Like a snowy London street.

To create such a beautiful scene on your own island, you need a lot of skill, which you can pick up in the High Street during the holidays.

Benches, plants, fountains and lanterns are just some of the elements that can be used to brighten up the city.

There’s also plenty of room for creativity, so your place can blend in with the rest of your island decor.

You can use a variety of stone or brick patterns, or even design your own.

Create, plant and grow all the flowers (and trees) that you think would give the right look.

Bright pink flowers can brighten up a warm winter day, while quiet white lilies can make a snowy moonlit evening a little more exciting.

1. Halloween in winter

image source @momijiatumori

Stop it! Stop it!

Before you leave 1. In November, pack up all your ghost decorations and set a few aside.

Why? Because Halloween can last until winter!

If we can celebrate Christmas in July, why not Halloween in December?

For most of these crafts, you’ll need pumpkins, which are in season until October. And many of them.

So get those pumpkin gardens blooming.

Then go on a boat, so many scary lanterns, carts, ramps, arches and tables, all on the deck of your pumpkin island.

The addition of winter snow makes for a stunning show, with a truly festive crossover.

frequently asked questions

What is the rarest island in the New Horizons intersection by animals?

Dataminer Ninji has discovered the rarest mysterious island you can visit in Animal Crossing: New horizons. The chance of appearing on the island is less than 1%. To visit them, you must have unlocked the ladder, the jumping station and the town hall.

Can you change the layout of the islands in the New Horizons Animal Crossing game?

Can we change the layout of the island later in the game? Once you have chosen an island map, you cannot change it. However, you can change elements and even move the water and land if you get permission from the island’s designer, so you can make adjustments later.

What is the best point of Crossing New Horizons by Animals?

Animal Crossing – new horizons – the best of…

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Best Dex Armor For Your Build –

Souls of Fashion is no joke, but the true purpose of every Souls of Fashion installation!

Because why be a master at this hardcore game when you look so bad anyway?

For Dex buildings, agility is a natural fit. They prefer aesthetically obscure and mysterious fabrics that remain hidden by quickly reaching higher levels, while still having some armor to remain combat-ready.

If you’re looking for a full skirt set or want some great things to mix and match to create your own look, we’re going to share some of the best cupids for all the dex builders out there!

Black leather kit

The first is a classic DS1 set, in black leather.

This kit is the essence of Gambit Dex – with tons of pockets and compartments to store throwing knives, kukri, firebombs and more!

This kit is perfect if you have a combination of weapons and consumables! You have to store all those tools somewhere, right?

How to get there: Sold by Patchy after he forgave her for locking you in a tower on Firelink. The helmet is distributed by Greirath.

Auxiliary kit/Black hand

Then there’s the assassin suit, a well-concealed garment that looks light, but has armor to protect critical areas.

It’s perfect for designs that encourage a more loyal approach!

If your character can fight in melee, dodge skillfully, but also occasionally swerve to take down enemies, then this armor is a good choice.

Similarly, a set of black weapons is essentially the same armor, but with more fabric and padding – which would better suit a similar play style involving wielding a large weapon!

How to get it (Assassin Set): The beginning of an assassin’s suit, or sold by Greirath after he went to the undead colony.

Where did you get it? Black Hand Set: Sold by the shrine girl after killing Kamui’s black hand in the great archives.

Dance set

Something else – the dance set is my absolute favorite for dex/intelligence hybrids!

Its fully armored appearance still shows craftsmanship thanks to the precise fit of its parts, and its ethereal helmets are fit for thieves, but with a touch of magic.

Statistically, it has one of the highest pose-to-weight ratios, which is perfect for Battle Master-style play!

How to get there: Sold by the woman of the temple after defeating the dancer.

The whole desert

The Deserter’s Kit is a versatile harness ideal for stealth or combat use!

He is very lightly armed and looks rather worn – which could indicate overuse by an established fighter, or an amateur fighter getting old.

A one-handed weapon and a pearl shield would go well together to give the impression of being light, but ready for battle.

How to get there: The chest and legs are the basic equipment of a thief. All the pieces are thrown onto the high wall by the hollowed out soldiers.

Shadow play

The Shadow set, another multi-purpose armor from DS1, is perfect for those who use the Ninja Katana.

I mean, it’s literally a ninja costume, mask and all.

This might not have been the case without the dark wood flip ring, but combined with the Karf fade ring and the grunge ring, it really gives off a cool, hidden killer vibe!

How to get there: Found among the rotting snails in the poisonous lakes of the Garden of Consumer Kings.

Undead Legion Kit

If you’ve played online, you’ve seen this armor.

The Legion set is probably one of the most popular sets in the entire game. It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of Dex armor that perfectly captures the essence of agile melee combat.

With a mix of fabric, leather and metal combined with the huge blood red worn cape, this set promotes brutal and heavy play styles that counter devastating combos with heavier weapons as curse words!

Too bad about the helmet. The tapered tip really brought the page down.

How to get there: Sold by the Temple clerk in Firelink after defeating the Guardians of the Wave.

Ensemble Leonhardt

Leonhard’s set has to be the bloodiest armor in the entire game, and if you’ve played it, you’ll understand why it goes so well with Dex.

This subtly extravagant black outfit is not only incredible, but also comes with neat captions telling the Leonhardt story!

It is ideal for hitmen, while maintaining a volume suitable for duels and melee sword fights. The subtleties of the weave also make it suitable for spelt dex hybrids!

For me, it’s all about the mask. Replace the Legion’s cone head with this and I’ll send you to Dex Builds.

How to get there: Bought by an ambulance driver after Leonhardt’s death.

Kit Wilhelm

For those who like armor, there’s Wilhelm.

Like the dancer’s gear, this black harness has a slim cut that promotes mobility, but also has a more defensive aspect.

This set is perfect for a dexterity-oriented physical build or even dark magic hybrids – of course it looks great with Wilhelm’s favorite weapon, the Onyx blade.

All the pieces are great, but the scarf on the ribbed bow looks too much like a poncho for my taste.

It’s even engraved with a golden butterfly. I can’t take it seriously.

How to get there: Leaving William behind in the picturesque world.

Sales vocabulary

The set offered for sale contains a heavenly combination for assembling high quality sword slings.

His heavily clad appearance seems light enough to be fast, but formidable and interchangeable.

He even has a cape, which is always a plus!

The appearance prefers the sword and plank style or the use of two weapons.

Combine it with the Twinblades cheat (the best PvE weapon in the game) and you have a truly brutal and agile fighter – ready for battle!

How to get there: Beginning of the mercenary outfit, or found on the way to the sacrifice – at the black knight and the Farron charcoal.

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