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The Best Blitzball Defenders To Recruit –

The Blitzball games are extremely popular in Spira. These games can be found in the cities of Luca and Bevelle. In order to play you must by a Blitzball license. You can purchase one from the man at the counter of the entrance to the stadium if you have already beaten the temple of trials. This license will allow you to play the game. Once you have a license you can go to the stadium and enter the blitzball menu. Choose ‘Join League’ and you will be asked to pick a team. You may be able to play Blitzball as early as level 5. The Ronso Fangs and the Al Bhed Psyches are the easiest teams to play as.

Blitzball is a sport that involves physical, mental, and team skills, and as such, there are many different types of Blitzball players, each with their own unique abilities. (This post discusses the most useful of these players, focusing on the defensive side of things.) More specifically, this post discusses the game’s defenders, who are tasked with stopping the opponent’s offense, an essential part of winning. There are several different types of defenders, and each has different advantages and disadvantages; you should consider which of these defenders best suits your playing style.

Blitzball is a popular underwater sport from (game) Final Fantasy X. Originally invented as a means to keep the island-bound residents of Besaid active, it quickly grew in popularity and is now played in all the major cities of Spira. Whether you play Blitzball as a way to relax after a tough dungeon run or to satisfy your inner sports fan, it’s important to have good defenders on your team. Book Review:

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Whether you’re battling hordes of enemies or playing underwater football, preventing attacks (and shots at goal) can be used as a cornerstone to success. If you’ve already read my previous article on offensive players, you’ll hopefully have a decent roster of good forwards to go with (plus some ideas for goalies too). So for this ranking we’ll focus on defenders you can recruit to make the Besaid Aurochs pretty much unbeatable.

5. Kyou

Kyou Defender in FFX Blitzball You might already know about Kyou and his versatility on the field. And if you’ve already filled your goalie slot, Kyou is more than capable of filling defense at RD or LD, since at level 99 his Block and Pass stats are really high. Kyou also comes equipped with a whole array of status-inducing tackle techniques. So even if his Attack stat isn’t the highest, he’ll still be able to debilitate the opponent enough to disrupt the opposing team. How to recruit: Kyou is a free agent and can be found on the bridge just before Djose Temple.

4. Irga Ronso

Irga Ronso Blitzball Player in FFX HD At level 99, Irga Ronso possesses some very good stats in Pass, Block, and Attack. She boasts an Endurance stat of 92, so if you don’t decide to pass the ball immediately, you can probably take it quite a distance relatively unopposed. Her only downside is that since she’s a Ronso, she has quite a low Speed stat. One of Irga’s key abilities is “Wither Tackle 3” making her a very good option to have if you want to completely debilitate an opposing forward player. While there may be better defenders out there, there’s no denying that your defense will be a million times better with her in it. How to recruit: Irga Ronso is at the Number 4 Docks in Luca, and will be available to recruit once her contract with the Ronso Fangs expires.

3. Kulukan

Kulukan in FFX Blitzball Like Irga mentioned previously, Kulukan excels in Attack, Block, and Pass. At level 99 her Pass stat is 96 – so she has no problem launching a swift counter attack and giving the ball to one of your forwards. She has slightly more Speed than Irga, but her Endurance stat is quite low. So don’t allow her to get tackled for any reason, or you risk losing the ball in a dangerous area. And also like Irga, Kulukan has a key tackle technique: Venom Tackle 3. This gives her a nice way to poison any opposing forward and really disrupt their rhythm. How to recruit: Kulukan will be at the Tavern in Kilika Port, and available to be recruited once her contract with the Kilika Beasts expires.

2. Nav (Navara) Guado

Navara Guado Blitzball Player in FFX Guados are known for having very good base Speed stats, as well as decent stats that exemplify their chosen position. Nav Guado is no different. Because Nav is boasting a Speed stat of 84 at level 99. His Attack, Pass, and Endurance stats are all decent too. But his Block stat is the highest of them all, reaching a Block of 82 at max level. He excels in defense due to these amazing stats. And when paired with our top-ranked Blitzball defender below, he can form the most impenetrable defense in Blitzball. How to recruit: Nav Guado can be found running around Guadosalam, and can be recruited once his contract with the Guado Glories expires.

1. Ropp

Ropp FFX HD Blitzball Player Ropp is easily the best defender in Blitzball for so many reasons. At level 99 his Pass stat is 96, allowing him to get the ball to your forward players regardless of how far away they might be. His Block and Attack are also really high. Take all of this and couple it with his ability to learn every tackling tech in the game, and you can see why he’s such a valuable defender to have on your team. Ropp comes ready-to-go and fully equipped with Drain Tackle 3, completely drains the HP of any opposing player. Pair Ropp with Nav Guado and you’ll have the meanest Blitzball defense in Spira. How to recruit: Ropp is a free agent and is found inside Rin’s Travel Agency on the Mi’ihen Highroad.Today, if you’re looking for the best Blitzball defenders for your team, then you’re in the right place. Blitzball teams are made up of 5 players and one goalkeeper. Therefore, the best teams should only have the best players. Blitzball players fall into 3 categories: strikers, defenders, and goalkeepers. In the beginning, your team will be made up of young players. These players are the only ones available until you reach the later chapters of the game. The better the rating of the player, the better the player will be. The better the team you have, the better your chances are of winning.. Read more about ffx blitzball players stats and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best Blitzball players to recruit?

One of the most important aspects of the game is the game’s heroes. There is a huge variety of players to recruit. Some will be available at the start of the game while others will become available later in the game. The choice of which ones to recruit depends on what position you want them to play and how they will fit into your team. For example, if you have a well-balanced team that has no particular deficiencies, you may wish to add a versatile player that can fill in at any position. As the first competitive Blitzball game in years, Final Fantasy: A New Empire is attracting players from all over the world. Once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement of starting your team, the next step is figuring out who you need.

How do you recruit Blitzball players?

Of all the teams in Blitzball, the one that seems to take the most pride in their defensive capabilities is Luca Goers. For this reason, the Luca Goers have the most players with the “Defender” sub-position. The Luca Goers are also unique in that they feature three defenders with “Teamwork” as a primary attribute, something that most other teams lack. In the world of Spira, blitzball is the most popular sport known to man. However, in order to win matches, you need to recruit and train the best blitzball players in the land. The following are the best defenders to recruit, based on their ratings and job classes. (We have also included a link to the top scoring attackers)

Is MIYU any good Blitzball player?

MIYU is the latest in a long line of outstanding defensive blitzball players introduced by FINAL FANTASY X . He is a member of the Besaid Aurochs, and one of two starting defenders you can choose, along with KUWAIT. While his starting stats are slightly lower than KUWAIT’s, MIYU can gain a number of useful abilities that will make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. Despite its similarities to soccer, Blitzball is a very different game from the one most of us know. Many established players have been thrown off by the steep learning curve, while others have simply bought into the hype and found themselves frustrated. But if you’re still looking to try the game out, here’s the scoop.

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Apex Legends Crashing on Windows 10: Guaranteed Fixes Here!

Apex Legends is the latest popular game to drop on the gaming industry, and it is by far one of the most loved Battle Royale game to date. Now, gamers all over the world are playing this thrilling game online, and nothing beats the experience of playing it on Windows 10. However, while the gameplay is amazing, the game has been known to crash from time to time on different kinds of PCs. Here are some fixes for Apex Legends crashing on Windows 10 PCs.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games of 2019, but it’s currently suffering from a major issue: it crashes on Windows 10. This is a major problem, especially since the game is still in beta, but there are a few tricks you can try to fix it. Let’s dive in. The first thing I’d try is to restart your computer. If you’ve been playing the game, try closing out of the game entirely and then restarting your computer. Just opening Task Manager and ending the Apex Legends process may not close out the game properly, which means you might still be running it even though it’s not visible on your screen.

Apex Legends is the latest and greatest battle royale game to hit the market, and it’s certainly not lacking in popularity. One of the most common complaints from gamers who have tried the game (and want to play it more) is that it has a tendency to crash on Windows 10. If you’re one of the frustrated users who has encountered this issue, don’t worry: we have a few tips that will help you get back into the game.

Apex Legends is crashing on your PC due to one of the following reasons:

  • Memory overload.
  • Advanced graphics options have been set too high.
  • Game files are corrupt.

Of all the free-to-play first-person shooter games with superheroes boasting special abilities, the best one is Apex Legends. A game is technically a bunch of code put together and if there’s one thing that fails to run every once in a while, it’s code! If you are feeling like you’re the unluckiest gamer ever to be born just because your game wouldn’t run well, it will help to know that almost every gamer has felt that way. Consider yourself lucky because you’ve found just the right guide for fixing issues related to Apex Legends on PC. Apex Legends crashing in the middle of a match? There are only a few steps you need to follow for getting your game to run without encountering any errors. You will be able to apply all the fixes mentioned in this guide in no more than half an hour. Buckle up and let your friends know because you are going to be back in the game in no time!

Restart your PC!

That should go without saying! Restarting your device fixes issues and straightens things out 7 times out of 6 (a little overstatement there…) Restarting ensures that all the background apps have been closed and your memory is as good as new. Before launching Apex Legends, just close any background app (from the tray) that might have launched on startup. Gamers often stick to disabling most of the startup applications because letting them apps run in the background can invite a nightmare for your memory (especially when you have just 8 GBs). If your computer meets just the minimum specifications for the game to run, it is possible that Apex Legends may not have gotten to use more RAM when a lot of explosions and characters started popping up. Due to this memory overload, things got too messy to be rendered by your not-so-powerful system and the game ended up crashing. Jump right into Apex Legends after restarting!

Tweak Advanced Graphics Options

Apex Legends crashing on Windows 10 is an error most often reported from systems that are short on graphics processing power. However, making some simple changes in the advanced graphics tab could put you in a position of enjoying smooth gameplay in most situations (of course when not a lot of things are happening on your screen). Recommended for you! Fallout 5 – What Fans Really Expect From Bethesda Follow these steps for making changes to advanced graphics settings.

  1. Start Apex Legends.
  2. See the ‘Cog’ icon on the lower left right corner of your screen? Click on it to access ‘Settings’.
  3. You are going to make changes in the ‘Video’ tab.

Select the ‘Restore Default’ option at the bottom of your screen then click ‘Apply’ for changes to take effect. Sometimes, you may notice that none of the options get changed even though you chose to restore settings back to the default ones. In that case, you will need to manually configure your graphics options so as to reduce the load on your graphics processing unit. In your next match, should your game crash yet again, something’s probably wrong with your game files. Image Credit: EA word-image-7034

Repair Apex Legends to Fix Crashing Issue

Subscribers of a volume-based data plan should ensure they have enough GBs left before proceeding with a complete game repair since this process can be a serious bandwidth chugger in some cases. If the entire game is broken, the Origin client will re-download everything that it needs to fix its kiddo. Just make sure you aren’t running anything to dedicate all available resources to Origin and expedite the process. Fortnite can have issues too! How to Sign Out of Fortnite On Xbox To Fix Gameplay Issues To attempt a game repair, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Origin from the tray.
  2. Head to the section of Apex Legends.
  3. Bring up the ‘Options’ window by clicking on the ‘Cog’ icon.
  4. Hit ‘Repair’ and let Origin do its job.

Origin client will take a considerable amount of time to fix a broken game. After the repair is complete, launch your game and see if it works as expected.

More Fixes for Apex Legends Crashing

Did your game crash again? Maybe your graphics card just got a driver update! You can check for the latest update (if there is one) to your graphics driver from Windows Update Settings. Keep in mind that driver updates are detected in Windows 10 a little too late so a utility application for your graphics card is a must-have. You will have to reinstall Apex Legends (and even Windows) if the above-mentioned fixes don’t sort your issue out but most of our readers haven’t had to do that.Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games at the moment, but it’s fair to say that the game is not without its problems. The game is not optimized for Windows 10, and suffers from a slew of issues that include frequent crashes, lag, and other performance problems. That said, there are a few things you can try in order to fix Apex Legends crashing on Windows 10.. Read more about apex legends blue screen 2020 pc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix apex legends crashing on my PC?

So you’re having trouble playing Apex Legends on your PC or maybe even crashing and errors.  Well you’re not alone.  Apex legends crashing is one of the most common problems happening with this game.  You can try several methods to solve the problem.  But there is one that is guaranteed to work.  You can use the Windows Event Viewer or the Blue Screen of Death. Apex Legends is the latest game released from Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Titanfall. It is a free-to-play battle royale game that has become a big hit among the console gaming community since its release. Your favorite game crashes frequently and you are looking for a fix? Good news! We are here to help you with these Apex Legends PC Crash Fixes:

Why does apex legends crash my computer?

Apex Legends is one of the most recent Battle Royale games that is especially popular among the gaming community, but the developers have been hearing some alarming reports: that the game is crashing on Windows 10 machines. The game is getting rave reviews from the gaming community, but some players have reported it crashes on Windows 10 machines. These reports are mostly coming from the Windows 10 subreddit, where numerous players are complaining about the game’s crashing problems. As you probably already know, Apex Legends is the new game from Respawn Entertainment and EA games. It seems like an amazing game with great graphics and fun gameplay, but Apex Legends is not without it’s flaws. To start off, the game has an annoying tendency to crash. This can cause the game to freeze and you’ll find yourself sitting there staring at a black screen.

How do I fix apex crashing 2021?

You’ve been having problems with Apex Legends crashing on your Windows 10 computer. It seems like no matter how many times you restart your computer, you’re still getting the same error messages and you’re starting to lose hope. It is in situations like this when you wish you can go to a doctor (well, as you can see, you’re in luck because I’m that doctor). The following fixes will solve any problem you’re having with Apex Legends and your Windows 10 computer. The battle royale game Apex Legends crashing on Windows 10 is not a problem that is exclusive to your computer and it is not your computer’s fault. As a matter of fact, it is the game’s fault.

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Razer Book 13 RZ09-03571EM1-R3U1 Premium Ultrabook Tech Specs

Razer is a company well known for its world-class gaming hardware. From mice, to keyboards, to laptops, Razer has everything a gamer could ever ask for (and then some). However, Razer is also a company that likes to push boundaries, and that is exactly what the Razer Book 13 is: a laptop that looks like it was made to tackle games, but was made to take on the day to day grind.

The Razer Blade Pro (2015) is a beast of a machine. It’s a desktop-class laptop with a 17-inch 4K display, an Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M graphics chip. It’s also one of the few gaming laptops that’s thin and light enough to be a viable alternative to a traditional desktop. It’s risky to buy a laptop sight unseen, so here’s a look at the tech specs and what’s in the box so you can decide if it’s right for your needs.

The Razer Book 13 is an Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-Core based laptop, with an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5 GPU. The Razer Book 13 comes with a Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) IPS display, with support for an optional touchscreen.  The Razer Book 13 weighs 2.78 lbs and is 0.7″ thin.. Read more about razer book 13 specs and let us know what you think.The Razer Book 13 is not so much an ultrabook as it is an ultrabook designed to make a statement. This subtle device is totally different and stands out for its originality. The RZ09-03571EM1-R3U1 falls between the cheapest variant (only 8 gigabytes of RAM) and the most expensive (UHD+ screen). The quality of the execution is first class. As a result, this laptop feels like a high-end device. word-image-6141 Check availability and pricing on Amazon The Razer Book 13 RZ09-03571EM1-R3U1 is an EVO-certified laptop. It is equipped with a powerful quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, sufficient system memory for all daily tasks and more creative tasks such as photo and video editing, music production, illustration, etc. The storage capacity can be expanded by the user up to 4 terabytes and the available system memory is soldered to the motherboard. The screen quality is good, the bezels are thin, the touchscreen responds well, and the Intel Iris-Xe graphics card allows you to do a little gaming, but don’t expect much in that direction. The possibilities of the interface are quite limited, but they are particularly attractive to designers because they are future-oriented. The keyboard fits comfortably in your hand and the RGB backlight works perfectly. What I don’t like about the Razer Book 13 is that it is quite heavy. You didn’t expect it either. The austere and carefully executed lines suggest a much lighter camera, but this is not the case. Battery life is acceptable, but nothing special.

Is it worth buying?

Honestly, only if you love Razer products or absolutely love their design. This laptop is expensive for what it has to offer. Why the price is so high remains a mystery to me. There are also cheaper 13-inch alternatives, such as the ASUS ZenBook 13 UX325EA-XS74. It has the same processing power and system memory, twice the storage capacity, an OLED display, a much lighter weight and longer battery life. And that’s for $500 less than the Razer Book 13. I find it hard to defend its price against other, cheaper models that offer a similar experience. Of course, given the build quality, I’d put the Razer on par with the Dell XPS 13, which costs about the same but offers more storage. Don’t get me wrong, the Razer Book 13 is actually an excellent piece of technology. If you can afford it.

Razer Book 13 RZ09-03571EM1-R3U1 Specifications

Processor Intel Core i7-1165G7
Number of cores 4 cores, 8 threads
Processor cache size 12 megabytes
Processor frequency up to 4.7 GHz
System memory 16 gigabytes
Storage Technology DDR4, integrated
Memory configuration 2 x 8 gigabyte modules, dual channel
Max memory 16 gigabytes
Tank 256 gigabytes
Type of training M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Additional storage compartments No
Screen size 13.4 inches.
The site is tangible. Yes
Display Technology IPS, anti-glare, 60Hz refresh rate
Screen resolution FHD+ (1920 x 1200), 16:10 ratio
GPU Intel Iris Xe graphics
GPU type On board.
GPU Specifications Dynamic frequency up to 1.3 GHz
Interface options 2 x Type-C Thunderbolt 4 1 x Type-A USB 3.1 Gen HDMI 2.0 Micro SD9 Card reader Combined audio port
Networks Wi-Fi 6 (Intel Wireless-AX 201)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Backlit keyboard Yes, full RGB with Razer Chroma support.
Webcam HD IR webcam
Operating system Windows 10 Home
Battery type Capacity 55Wh battery pack
Expected battery life up to 10 hours
Weight 3.09 pounds.
Dimensions 11.6″ x 7.8″ x 0.6″

Watch it now on Amazon

Razer Book 13 RZ09-03571EM1-R3U1


Structure and properties


Graphics and display


Interface and networks


Portability and battery life

8.5/10Razer is no stranger to gaming, but they are venturing into a new market with the Razer Book 13 RZ09-03571EM1-R3U1 Premium Ultrabook. The question is, will it be able to stand up to the competition in the ultrabook market, and as a gaming laptop? The answer is a definitive “yes” on both fronts, with a few minor caveats. For those who are looking to have the best of both worlds, the Razer Book 13 RZ09-03571EM1-R3U1 Premium Ultrabook is the perfect choice.. Read more about razer book 13 battery life and let us know what you think.

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Lenovo Launches New Legion Gaming Laptops Powered by the Latest Intel Core Processors

Hey there! Before reading the article which is about Lenovo Launches New Legion Gaming Laptops Powered by the Latest Intel Core Processors, you should read about gaming laptops under 500. It shares basic information about this article and also adds more value to it. Do let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below. Happy Reading! Really glad that you are here.

Gaming laptops are always in demand and the latest to grace the market is Lenovo’s latest Legion gaming laptops powered by the latest Intel Core processors. Regarded as one of the world’s best gaming laptops, the Lenovo Legion Y920 laptop comes with Intel i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 memory, NVIDA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics, 1TB hard drive and a massive 17.3-inch screen.

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) has announced the latest additions to its popular Legion line of gaming laptops, coming in at price points of between $799 and $1,799 (for the 15-inch model). The new laptops feature the latest 8th generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics, and the 15-inch model features up to a 4K display and up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. The new laptops also have a built-in RGB keyboard and a full-size number pad, much like their predecessors. All models of the Legion laptops are now available for purchase through Lenovo’s website.

Lenovo is one of the leading PC brands that offer a combination of versatility with superior performance and immersive gaming. The Lenovo Legion has been around for over six years, offering users access to key gaming features in a slim and stylish device.

This line of gaming laptops is powered by the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA RTX GPU for incredible performance. The brand unveiled three new devices in its new line of gaming laptops, Legion, with the Lenovo Legion 7i, Lenovo Legion 5i Pro and Lenovo Legion 5i for optimized cyber sports.

Performance above expectation

All new Legion gaming laptops are powered by the latest 11th generation Intel Core mobile processors. The new generation of video cards gives gamers and content creators complete control over performance, enabling seamless streaming, higher frame rates and lower latency.

The new Legion line of gaming laptops runs on Windows 10, allowing users to multitask and handle heavy workloads without crashing. With 8 cores and 16 threads, these Intel-powered gaming laptops offer excellent screen connectivity, efficient data transfer and fast charging for all-day productivity.

Lenovo Legion 5i Intel

Legion PCs, including the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro and Lenovo Legion 5i notebooks, are equipped with the latest GeForce RTX 3050 Ti and RTX 3050, delivering unprecedented graphics performance.

In addition, the new lineup includes the world’s first 16-inch QHD display for gaming laptops with a refresh rate of 165 Hz in the Lenovo Legion 7i and Lenovo Legion 5i Pro laptops. All of these devices feature Lenovo Legion Coldfront 3.0 technology that improves airflow and lowers system temperatures for optimal performance.

Lenovo Legion 7i Intel

The Lenovo Legion AI engine with AI support delivers a superior gaming experience without lag or overclocking, giving users a smoother gaming experience without unnecessary blocking.

Other features of the device that viewers will appreciate include webcam disabling, which provides users with excellent privacy, especially when not broadcasting live or participating in a video conference.

All new Legion series devices also feature dual-sided I/O ports for better connectivity than others.

Along with the new additions to its mobile gaming lineup, Lenovo also unveiled the Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 IPS 360Hz gaming monitor for gamers who want to experience fast-paced games without getting ripped off.

Prices and availability

The Lenovo Legion 5i will be available in July 2021 for a starting price of $969.99.

The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro will be available in June 2021 for a starting price of $1,329.99.

The Lenovo Legion 7i will be available in June 2021 for a starting price of $1,769.99.

The Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 gaming monitor will be available in October 2021 for a starting price of $699.99.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about best laptop for business and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lenovo Legion 7i worth it?

The Legion 7i is one of Lenovo’s best budget gaming laptops. It offers one of the best price/graphics card performance ratio in its price range. The laptop’s processor is an Intel Core i5 with 8 GB of RAM. It comes with a 256 GB hard drive. It also features a 15.6 inch display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. When it comes to gaming laptops, you only have two options to choose from: expensive and high-performing, or cheap and good enough. But why? Gaming laptops are typically expensive because they use the best hardware components and most portable form factors, and they are powerful because they are designed to run games at very high framerates. If you want something that does both, you’re going to pay for it. The Lenovo Legion Y520 is an example of a powerful laptop that’s also portable. This laptop is on the more affordable side of the spectrum and has the hardware to back up its performance. Note: The above is only a small sample of what is possible. The process of extracting a topic or sub-topic

Is Lenovo Legion 5i worth it?

Lenovo is a well-known name in the computer business, a world that is dominated by names like Dell, Apple, HP and Acer. The Lenovo Legion 5i is a good example of what the company is capable of when it tries to enter the gaming market. Lenovo, however, does not have a great reputation in the field, and the Legion 5i is among the first of its products to try and change that opinion. Outcome: The students were able to do this exercise within 1 hour, and the results are quite satisfying. However, this is not enough. The next step is to see how they can do it without any support from their teachers. I will let you know how this works out in the next entry. Lenovo Legion Y530 is a gaming laptop line that has been gaining a lot of momentum lately. This is mostly because of its performance/price ratio, which is excellent. The Legion Y530 comes with an Nvidia GTX 1050Ti graphics card, a quad core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD. The processor and the GPU of the laptop are not the best on the market, but they are still very capable, and the build quality is pretty good.

Is Lenovo Legion 5 good for gaming?

The Lenovo Legion 5 is a gaming laptop built for MOBA gamers. It is powered by a strong Mobile Intel i7-7700HQ processor which helps it to handle even heavy games smoothly. It comes with a huge 16GB DDR4 RAM and an amazing NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti graphic card. Lenovo Legion 5 is a new gaming laptop that is designed to be portable, yet powerful. It comes with a 7th generation Intel Core processor and DDR4 memory which makes it ideal for running the latest video games. The fans are designed to keep the laptop cool even when you are playing games that require a lot of processing power. The laptop comes with an optional Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card, a 17.3 inch screen and a 256 GB SSD drive. It weighs only 4.6 pounds which means that you can easily carry it with you anywhere. There are several pre-installed software programs, including a Lenovo app that allows you to easily manage all the programs and apps on the laptop.

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Simeji for PC (2021) – Free Download for Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

Simeji for PC (2021) – Free Download for Windows 10/8/7 & Mac is the best android keyboard app which helps you to type fast on your computer. It’s free and easy to use. Simeji for PC (2021) – Free Download for Windows 10/8/7 & Mac is a lightweight android keyboard available for Windows 10/8/7 & Mac operating system.

The keyboard’s most popular feature is the built-in AI engine, which gives you recommendations for words to use and learns from you. For example, if you frequently type “I’m bored”, “bored” will be suggested to you as a word. And if you like to use a certain emoji (for example, the dancing lady), it will be suggested to you when you type an expression that would make sense with that emoji. ![Screenshot of keyboard in use](

In this guide, we’ll show you how to download and install Simeji for Windows PC and Mac.

Simeji PC Application

Simeji is a keyboard app from Japan that allows you to add better emoji in a simple and convenient way. This keyboard application works perfectly on computers that use emulators to run mobile applications.

With the Simeji application for PC, you can use a skinned keyboard, beautiful emoji and emoticons, and much more. This free Japanese keyboard has been downloaded more than 40 million times and is the most used keyboard in Japan. This keyboard, which is the most popular in Japan, is packed with great themes and features, etc.

This application allows you to add a photo, image or video as a background to your keyboard to make it unique. You can customize the text color and keyboard layout. Instantly use emoji’s and popular emoji’s by displaying their appreciation and decorating your chats and social media posts.

This keyboard application is amazing and unique. Their online dictionary contains over 2 million entries, including the latest slang words. This app also has a lot of predefined phrases, a fun conversion feature, a vocabulary feature for everyone, etc. Some of the key features of some of these apps include the popular Simeji sticker game, etc.

With Simeji for PC, you can quickly switch between options for entering stickers, emoji, special characters, emoticons and numbers. These quick-switch options are easily accessible at the top of the keyboard. In this app, you download awesome user-generated stickers daily, and they’re all free!

Simeji applications

  • Keyboard with skin support
  • Powerful Japanese language conversion and input functions
  • Popular Shimeji stickers
  • Premium keyboard available
  • Use nice emoji and emoticons
  • The usability of the keyboard is high
  • Mushroom function and ASCII art

Download Simeji APK Free

Name Simeji+Emoji Japanese keyboard
Application version
Category Tools
Application size
Android version supported
Last update April 2021
Type of permit Free
Download the file Shimeji MOT

To install Simeji for PC (Windows and Mac)

There are 2 methods to install Simeji on Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac PC.

Method 1: Installing Simeji on PC with BlueStacks

  • First you need to download BlueStacks on your PC (Windows/Mac) from the link below.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to install the BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • The installation wizard starts. Just follow the instructions on the screen and the installation will be completed in a few minutes.
  • Once it’s installed. Click on the BlueStacks icon on your desktop to launch the emulator.
  • Open the Google Play Store and type Simeji into the search bar.
  • Find the Simeji application in the search results and click Install.
  • Installing Simeji on your PC (Windows/Mac) only takes a few seconds.
  • After successful installation, click on Simeji on the BlueStacks home screen to start using it.

Method 2: Install Simeji on your PC with NoxPlayer

  • You must first download the NoxPlayer on your PC (Windows/Mac) using the link below.
  • Install the Android emulator NoxPlayer on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • Open the Android emulator NoxPlayer.
  • Open the Google Play Store and type Simeji into the search bar.
  • Find the Simeji application in the search results and click Install.
  • After installation, click on Simeji on the home screen to start using it.


To sum up, the Simeji PC application is the best keyboard that offers you a fun experience.

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Fixed: Can’t find a camera that is compatible with Windows Hello

Hey there! Before reading the article which is about Fixed: Can’t find a camera that is compatible with Windows Hello, you should read about windows hello couldn t find a camera compatible. It shares basic information about this article and also adds more value to it. Do let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below. Happy Reading! Really glad that you are here.

Microsoft’s new facial recognition feature, windows hello, has been touted as the “next big thing” in biometrics, but despite being on the market for more than a year, the technology has yet to take off. Microsoft partnered with Intel to develop a new generation of webcams to use with the feature, but the rollout has been slow, and most of the new products have been delayed.

Since the inception of Windows Hello, the facial recognition feature that allows people to unlock their computers with their faces, Microsoft has been touting it as an alternative to using traditional passwords. However, with the recent launch of Windows 10, the facial recognition feature has been pushed to the side and is no longer available on the latest operating system. When Microsoft first launched Windows 10, facial recognition was one of the main features that was included in the new operating system. However, just weeks later, Microsoft backtracked and removed the feature, stating that there was a bug that would cause the feature to have difficulty identifying the user. Several months later, Microsoft re-introduced this feature with the launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary update, and facial recognition worked

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance.

Windows Hello allows users to log in with their face via a webcam. However, if this feature suddenly stops working, it could be a serious problem for some users. When users try to log in, they get an error message We couldn’t find a camera that supports Windows Hello Face. This usually means that your device is no longer compatible with Windows Hello Face.

If you also suffer from this problem, consider that your webcam with Windows Hello is no longer recognized. This could be a serious problem. And if you don’t know what to do next, we’re here to help. We suggest ways to solve the problem. So let’s see what to do if your Windows Hello enabled camera is not found.

Try these solutions on your computer first before applying them.

Why the Windows Hello camera was not found

The most common cause of this problem is corrupt or incompatible drivers. Or maybe the Windows Hello driver is not installed on your computer. In that case you need to update all drivers.

Another reason may be that you installed the latest Windows update. Therefore, you should check if there is an update available and install it as soon as it becomes available. This may fix the issue that Windows Hello is not available on this device.

There could be several reasons for this problem. However, the most common cause is driver incompatibility. If you take the right steps, you can easily solve this problem.

To solve the problem of not finding a camera compatible with Windows Hello

May 2021 update:

We now recommend that you use this tool to fix the error. Moreover, this utility repairs common computer errors, protects you from file loss, malware and hardware malfunctions, and optimizes your PC for maximum performance. With this program you can quickly solve PC problems and prevent further problems:

  • Step 1: Download the PC recovery and optimization tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista – Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Step Two: Click Start Scan to detect problems in the Windows registry that may be causing problems with your PC.
  • Step Three: Click Repair All to fix all issues.

Installation of WindowsBiometric files

  1. Open the file explorer and go to the following address
  2. You should find two files here:
  3. Right click on it and select Install.
  4. Later, restart your computer and Windows Hello Face will work again.

Setting the optional Windows Hello face

  1. Start Windows 10 settings and go to Apps gt; Apps and features.
  2. Click on Advanced Features.
  3. Then, in the list of already installed optional features, look for the Windows Hello Face entry.
  4. If you can find it there, you don’t have to do anything else.
  5. If you can’t find it, the cause of the problem may be its disappearance.
  6. Click on Add a feature, find and install it.
  7. When you are finished, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Resetting Windows HelloBiometric database

Note that this method resets Windows Hello for each user logged on to the computer. If that’s okay with you, go ahead.

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type services.MSC and click OK.
  3. Find the Windows Biometric Service, double-click it, and click Stop.
  4. Now go to the following address: C : WindowsSystem32WinBioDatabase.
  5. Save all files in the WinBioDatabase folder.
  6. Then delete all files and restart the Windows Biometric Service.
  7. Go to Start -> Settings -> Accounts -> Login Settings and save the face data again.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance.

frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cameras are compatible with Windows Hello?

As you probably know, Windows Hello is a new biometric verification system that uses a scanner to identify a user. It can be very useful, especially when your phone is locked, since it allows you to unlock it without having to enter a password. However, since it only works on Windows 10, Windows Hello is not compatible with many older phones. (Microsoft is working on integrating Windows Hello with Android and iOS, but that project is still in the early stages.) Windows Hello is a biometric authentication system introduced by Microsoft that let’s you login to your computer without typing a password. The system works by authenticating users via their unique biometric traits like face, fingerprint, or iris. While Microsoft’s app was only supported on Windows 10 Mobile devices, it’s getting support for Windows 7 and 8 too. But you should know that Windows Hello still only works with a select number of cameras. As a result, you might still be able to use your older computer camera and log in with Windows Hello but it might not work as you would expect. To find out what cameras are compatible with Windows Hello check out the table below:

How do I turn on Hello on Windows camera?

Windows Hello, a Windows 10 feature that allows users to unlock their computers with their faces, has a new option that makes it easier to use the feature. The feature, called Hello on Windows camera, allows you to use your Windows 10 event camera (the little circle nub on the front of your laptop) to log in to Windows Hello. This is useful if you don’t have a webcam, like on a Surface tablet. As you may know, Windows Hello is Microsoft’s biometric authentication tool, which takes advantage of the increasing number of cameras on notebooks and PCs. (It has now spread to smartphones.) It can be used to log you into your Windows 10 PC, sign into Windows apps, and much more. It is easy to use and works very well, assuming you have a compatible camera. In this article, we provide you with step-by-step instructions for turning on Hello on Windows 10. Emphasis in the following are mine. So now you know how to write a blog intro. But don’t start writing your blog posts yet. There is more to a blog post than an intro. Step 2: Writing Your Blog

Why can I use Windows Hello face not available?

As we have known, Windows Hello is an awesome function provided in Microsoft Windows 10, which provides user with fast and secure ways to authenticate on the device. It supports accessing your personal computers, apps, online services, and networks with just a glance, but it seems not all Windows 10 laptops and desktop PCs have the same features. For example, Windows Hello on modern Intel Core processors supports the camera to scan your face for authentication, but Windows Hello will not find a camera compatible with the feature and you will get a message “Face not available” when you try to log on. Lately, the face detection feature in Windows 10 makes some users frustrated. In order to use the Windows Hello face detection feature , users need to have a front-facing camera that is compatible with Windows Hello. If you are facing problems with Windows Hello and face detection, then you should follow the tips in this tutorial to solve the problem.

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Best Video Repair Tool -Wondershare Repairit

As a blogger, I know how important it is to keep my readers engaged while I’m writing my blog posts. If you’re looking for a software to do that for you automatically, Wondershare Repairit is that program. It’s the best video repair tool as I’ve said. There are many other ways to keep your followers engaged, but this is by far one of the best.

Wondershare Repairit is the best video repair tool that can recover almost all video files. It can recover video files from different formats like FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, and MOV, etc. Moreover, it can also recover photos from video files. This repair tool offers three recovery modes: Recover Files mode, Recover Partition mode and Recover Deleted Files mode. Recovery from any of the three modes is easy. It is also easily compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Have you ever tried to accidentally delete a video from your computer or mobile device? Then you know how frustrating it can be to try to get back what you lost. Video recovery programs are available, but they can be expensive and difficult to use.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to recover deleted files or repair damaged video files – with Repairit. Find out how this product can solve your problem and how to use it.

Cause of video file loss or corruption

File loss or data corruption is a serious problem, especially when it comes to business files. Unfortunately, this can happen for a number of reasons. You have to know them to avoid them at all costs.

Here are some of the most common causes of lost or corrupted video files:

One of the most common causes of lost or corrupted video files is human error. Sometimes folders contain important video files that you might have forgotten about. Sometimes you even delete a video file without realizing its importance.

Believe it or not, this happens quite often to many people in many different industries. There is no guarantee that human error will not occur in this case. What you can do, however, is teach yourself and your employees how to properly process files.

You can teach them to organize files by importance and priority. It is also a good idea to always have a backup of your files in case they are accidentally deleted.

Another common cause of lost or corrupted video files is hard drive corruption. Hard drives are one of the most sensitive parts of a computer. One wrong move and they can stop working and you will not be able to recover your data.

In addition, hard drives are susceptible to damage from wear and tear and overheating. However, there are a few signs that your hard drive is failing. Here are a few of them:

Frequent accidents

Computer overheats

Error during loading

Slow speed of information processing

Delays and freezing

Damaged or lost files.

Viruses and malware are often the root cause of file corruption. This is understandable, as their main purpose is to erase and steal data, especially from companies and individuals from whom money can be extorted.

The most common way to transmit viruses or malware is through email and clicking on corrupt links. This allows them to find their way into your computer and cause damage.

There are several ways to prevent your video file from being affected by viruses and malware. You should install reliable and trustworthy anti-virus and anti-hacking software. It is also advisable to check your computer thoroughly on a regular basis.

Software corruption is usually due to errors in the codes. However, they can also be the result of improper installation and various hardware malfunctions. In most cases, the cause is beyond your control.

What you can do, however, is learn how to solve basic problems. This way, you can determine if the problem is really related to software corruption and fix it later. You can also use diagnostic programs and learn how to safely shut down computer equipment.

From time to time, the computer may display a pop-up window that initiates hard drive formatting. This is probably a new software update or compatibility issues. Either way, formatting your hard drive can be useful, but also annoying if you perform it without knowing.

To avoid losing important video files due to hard drive formatting, make sure you have alternative storage space. Cloud storage is a good option for such a scenario.

This cause of video file loss and corruption is largely due to hardware damage. Since computers are electrical devices, they are the natural enemies of anything liquid.

To reduce the risk of liquid damage to devices, implement policies that prohibit liquids on desktop computers. This prevents you from accidentally spilling water or coffee anywhere.

Also try to take measures to protect your devices from water. Place them in waterproof boxes and attach waterproof plugs and covers to ports and other computer components.

What can video recovery tools do?

The video repair tool has 2 main functions. The first function is to recover damaged video files, and the second is to recover deleted video files.

You know your video file is corrupted when you get an error message when you try to open it. In some cases, this simply means that the computer cannot open the video file. This can have several causes, some of which are listed above.

At the same time, the video recovery tool can recover files from the internal memory of your device. To do this manually requires extensive coding and programming skills, which is not for everyone. But with a tool like this, the process becomes smoother and easier.

Repair: Major functions and their uses

There are two versions of Wondershare Repairit: Repairit for Desktop and Repairit Online. What’s the difference between them?

Repairit online is a free version. This is the ideal choice for you if you only want to pick up one video. This version allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Recover 10 video files per day
  • Perform 3 video format repairs per day
  • Restore one video file at a time
  • Watch a video segment for 30 minutes
  • 1 quick repair per day

Suppose you have deleted an entire folder with many video files of different formats. In that case, the Repairit office might be for you. It has advanced features that save you time and energy.

Here are the main features of Repairit Desktop:

  • Unlimited recovery of video files of any format
  • Video damage repair in all cases
  • Full video overview
  • No limit on file size
  • Multitasking
  • Advanced Repair
  • Technical services

To recover a lost or damaged file with Repair it, you can follow the basic steps given below:

  1. Press + Addto attract the damaged video file.Video Repair

  1. Select a file name from the list and click on theRepairbutton.Video Repair

  1. Check the file preview to see if it is the content you want to repair.Video repair

  1. Once the recovery process is complete, save the video file to the desired location.

Now you can recover lost and damaged files in four easy steps.

Concluding remarks

Accidentally deleting a video or damaging it can be very frustrating. But Repairit can save the day, so don’t worry.

We highly recommend this product, it is one of the best video repair programs 2021. It is very easy to use and very reasonably priced. You can use the free version and see how useful it can be. So you don’t have to worry about losing valuable video files every time.

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This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about kernel video repair full version and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix severely damaged video files?

Videos are not things that we can ignore; they are always present and it is always good to have them. As time goes by, we have grown accustomed to them. But, at the same time, we have also created several types of formats of files that can be saved in a storage device. There are videos that have been damaged by things like viruses and other stuff. There are also videos that are just not played in a device anymore. But, there is no need for you to be worried because there are several ways for you to fix these video files. Video files are the mainstay of modern digital media, and we tend to treat them with a bit more care than we might some other types of digital content. But, they can be damaged by all kinds of things, including a hard drive crash, a virus, or even just putting the wrong kind of file on your drive. Fortunately, if this happens, there are ways to recover the video and restore it to a condition where you can play it again.

Is stellar repair free?

The process of repair is very simple. Just install the program and follow the instructions. It is important to follow the instructions exactly, otherwise the process can be useless or can even cause more damage to the video card. A video card is a piece of hardware that is responsible for displaying information on the screen, it can also be responsible for a variety of other things, such as sound, video capture, and so on. It is a fragile thing, it is important to not touch it without permission. Biostar’s stellar repair tool is a well-known kernel video repair tool that has been used by thousands of people to fix their damaged and corrupted video files. You can use it to repair your damaged or corrupted video files and fix the unplayable video problem on your computer. You can download and install it on your computer to repair your video file.

What is the best repair tool for Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft operating system, and with it comes a lot of improvements. However, one of the worst things about Windows 10 is that it comes with a lot of bugs. One particular bug that many users have encountered is Error 0x80070020, which has been giving users a lot of problems. When your computer gives you the Error 0x80070020 message, it means that your computer can’t connect to the Windows Update server. This error is very common, especially after you have installed or removed programs or hardware devices. Windows 10 is a lot more stable than previous versions of Windows, but the operating system does not handle crashes well. When an app crashes on Windows 10, Windows will often try to recover it instead of closing it. This recovery often doesn’t work, leaving you with a frozen app, which is annoying until you can close it. This guide will show you how to get around the problem by installing a tool that will allow you to force close any app that is not responding.

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Gigabyte Gaming OC 8GB GeForce RTX 3070 Quick Review: Sweet Spot of a GPU

The NVidia GeForce RTX 20 series is here and Gigabyte has a new OC card for the masses. The Windforce 3X cooling is a welcome relief from the stock RTX 2070 cooling. The RTX 2070 is not a sweet spot card but we are almost there. While the RTX 2060 is the sweet spot card the RTX 2070 is the best card you can buy at the moment. It is the card that will get the most performance out of a 4K monitor. The RTX 2070 has the ability to play all games at 1440p and high settings.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 20 series is probably the biggest GPU release of the year for consumers. For the first time, we have a line of GPUs based on the seventh generation of Nvidia’s Pascal architecture, which means a lot of power for a lot less money. These cards aren’t meant to be the peak of performance, but they do serve as a great sweet spot for gaming at 1440p.

The NVIDIA 30-series GPUs were very attractive because the line had very low retail prices, but that didn’t last long because of resellers and scarcity, which led to price increases and now you can’t get them anymore. So we asked Gigabyte to test the RTX 3070. In this article, we’ll look at the performance of some games and compare it to other GPUs we’ve had our hands on.

Looks and feels

The Gigabyte Gaming OC 8GB has a nice design that isn’t too flashy, and with a 3-fan design, it looks pretty standard. The OC card can now be overclocked, which is a nice feature. Under heavy load, you don’t want your GPU to overheat. As a result, the GPU’s advanced heatsink design provides better airflow for better heat dissipation. On the back, we can see that the RTX 3070 does not have a USB-C port, unlike the 20 series, which does. Instead, you get 2x DisplayPort and 2x HDMI each.


The Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 3070 has the following specs under the hood, they shouldn’t be too far off from the reference card, but some of the Gigabyte card’s performance is a bit higher.


Our benchmark with the OC gaming card is mostly about gaming – so we tested a few games that can boost GPU performance. With this in mind, we performed a benchmark in our testbed with the following system configuration:

The benchmark results are split into three sections – 1080p Ultra, 1440p Ultra and 4K Ultra – to see how powerful these cards are in different games at different resolutions. Looking at the results below, the 3070 performs all tasks a little smoother than expected. When playing games at 1080p resolution, the primary resolution for games, the GPU shows impressive performance in all the games shown in the benchmarks above.

In 1440p games – where gamers are looking for better graphics and realism these days – the card got the job done and scored well above expectations. Compared to 1080p, the difference in performance isn’t too stunning, as in the case of Horizon Zero Dawn – the game showed an average fps of 131 in 1080p, while in 1440p it showed 126 fps, just 5 fps less. This shows that with the 3070 there is a chance that 1440p will become the new 1080p.

Finally, for niche gamers who like to play in 4K, the performance here is significantly different from 1440p : Horizon Zero Dawn has an average frame rate of 79 fps (compared to 126 fps in 1440p). This is not a bad value to start with, as the higher the graphics level, the more demanding the games become, meaning the load on the GPU increases. Most games are still in an acceptable fps range. So if you’re playing in 4K, you don’t have to worry because you’ll enjoy rich, responsive graphics throughout the game.

vs. Radeon RX 6700XT

One of the GPUs we were able to get our hands on was the RX 6700XT, which AMD says is on par with the RTX 3070. If you haven’t read this test yet, you can follow this link. But let’s just say, if you want the best frame rate, go with the green team. Another reason to choose NVIDIA is ray tracing, if that’s important to you.


Based on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX3070, the Ampere is a good graphics card to buy and upgrade to if you are switching from the 10 series cards, for those using the 20 series it is not necessary, although the performance difference is also quite significant. Considering you can’t buy an RTX 3070 until long after the GPU shortage is finally over, and if you have the money to buy one, do so. Gigabyte offers a few extra features like RGB blending if you want to add color to your build.

Thanks to Gigabyte Malaysia for providing the Gaming OC 8GB model for our review.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about nvidia geforce rtx 3070 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RTX 3070 good for gaming?

The Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC is an RTX 2070 with a slight factory overclock. In other words, it is exactly the same GPU as a regular RTX 2070, just factory overclocked. The RTX 2070 is already a great graphics card, and people have begun to purchase them in droves. We’ve been seeing some great bundles on them, and they are the only graphics cards that can provide you with ray tracing and DLSS for dirt cheap. Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra Gaming Review: Unlike the previous RTX 2070 and RTX 2080, RTX 3070 is rumored to be a very friendly mid-range card. However, Gigabyte still offers the same OC edition with a factory overclock. Is RTX 3070 good for gaming? Or is it another flop?

Is the Gigabyte 3070 Good?

While the Gigabyte 3070 is tagged at a price of $200, it is quite the performance graphics card for this price. If you have a 1080p monitor and are looking to take gaming to the next level for around $200, the Gigabyte 3070 is the one for you. If you have a 1440p monitor, you may want to look at the GTX 1660 as it costs the same price and gives you a bit more performance . Gigabyte has a reputation for making excellent cards. It’s also known for its triple fan cooling design. The WindForce 3x cooling is a dual slot, three fan cooling system that’s been proven to be reliable, quiet, and very effective at removing heat from the video card. The cooling system uses four heat pipes. The two copper pipes are designed to take heat from the GPU and pass it to the aluminum cooling fins. The heat from the aluminum fins is then dissipated into the air.

Is 3070 Gaming OC good?

Every year, new graphics cards come out that promise to be faster than the last—and every year, gamers are here to test them. While the new gaming cards have some pretty cool features (like the ability to turn off the graphics card when it isn’t in use, and automatically turn it back on when you need it to avoid overheating), it’s hard to notice a difference in the games themselves. And when you consider that the new gaming cards cost more and take up more room in your computer tower, it’s still hard to justify the purchase. Let’s start with a bit of history. Nvidia launched the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti a few months ago, with the aim of filling the performance gap between the $330 GTX 1070 and the $450 GTX 1080. The 1080 was well over twice as fast as the 1070 in most games, but the 1070 Ti was a clear improvement over the 1070, with a 15 percent improvement in frame rates. That 15 percent might not sound like much, but it’s enough to make the difference in a number of games. Is the Gigabyte RTX 2070 Gaming OC any good? Well, that will depend on what you want from a graphics card, and how much you’re willing to spend. The RTX 2070 is definitely faster than a GTX 1080, but

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Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 3000 in India (May 2021)

The best true wireless earbuds under 3000 is the latest trend in earphones and getting good quality wireless earphones with affordable price is not the easiest task. If you are planning to buy true wireless earbuds in true wireless earbuds under 3000 in India, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will do a detailed comparison of the best true wireless earbuds under 3000 available in India. These are the top best sellers in this price segment.

If you are planning to buy a true wireless earbuds in India, then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know about the best true wireless earbuds under 3000 in India. There are a lot of earbuds available in the market but you should always do some research before buying any earbuds.

Best wireless headphones under 3000 in India (May 2021)

True wireless headphones are now attracting customers. This trend spread quickly after Apple released the AirPods. Apple, while not the first or the cheapest, has brought true wireless headphones to consumers’ attention. But Apple headphones are expensive and not everyone can afford them. Boult, Realme and OnePlus also have excellent affordable TWS headphones with good sound quality and unique features. Moreover, these headphones are not expensive.

If you are looking for a cheap wireless headset, then this guide is for you. In this guide, I list the best wireless headphones under 3000 this month. Look around!

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We update this list every week to bring you the latest and greatest TWS helmets in the Indian market. However, if you need help, we are available 24/7 on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels.

These are the best wireless headphones under Rs 3,000 you can buy today:

1. OnePlusBuds Z

The OnePlus Buds Z are a great pair of wireless headphones for those on a budget. Priced at Rs. 2999, the OnePlus Buds Z is one of the most versatile earphones in this price segment. These Oneplus TWS headphones are surprisingly feature-rich and have good, pure and balanced sound.

In terms of design, the z Buds are very stylish and high quality, with a solid plastic finish (high quality plastic). The headphones are not only stylish, but also very light and comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for the lightest headphones under 3000 rubles, your search ends here. The headphones are also IP55 rated, so you can take them with you while you run or to the gym without worrying about dust, sweat or light splashes.

Like the headphones, the charging case is also beautifully and solidly made. The charging case has a rounded, compact pebble shape with a magnetic lid that opens and closes. Yes, the charging case is very compact, so you can easily carry it in your pocket.

The OnePlus Buds Z have touch controls that can be tweaked a bit via the Android app. It works with two different Android apps: one for OnePlus phones and one for others. For the OnePlus phone, you have a built-in app called OnePlus Buds. If you have a non-OnePlus Android phone, you can install the HeyMelody app, which provides some basic settings with firmware updates. Yes, you can use these headphones on your iPhone, but without any application support.

In terms of sound quality, the OnePlus Buds Z have good sound quality for the price. It has a warm, low-end sound, but with some brightness at the top. With their dynamic 10mm drivers, the headphones deliver clear, balanced sound with just the right amount of bass. The available bass is much smoother, so voices and high notes come through well. I wouldn’t recommend these True wireless headphones to users who like bass, but they are perfect for those who like to listen to all kinds of music.

The battery buffer is another advantage of the Oneplus Buds Z, it lasts for 4-5 hours playing music at 70% volume. A full charge of the OnePlus Buds Z is enough for 5 hours of music playback at moderate volume. With the charging pouch in hand, you can expect the headphones to fully charge three times (16.5 hours total battery life). It also supports USB Type-C fast charging, you can play 2 hours of music when the device is charged in 10 minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages:

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  • Elegant appearance
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Balanced sound quality
  • Decent battery life and microphone quality
  • Protection class IP55

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  • No volume control
  • No APT-X support (but that is normal in this price range)


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, up to 10 m
  • Compatibility : Laptop, PC, Android, iPhone
  • Codec support : AAC, SBC
  • Battery: up to 16 hours (cover + buttons)
  • Charging: approximately 1 hour for the headphones, 2 hours for the charging case
  • Water Resistance : IP55
  • Warranty : 1 year

Lowest price with a :


Rs. 2,699

Rs. 3,190

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Rs. 2,699

Rs. 3,190

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Soundcore Life Note

The Soundcore Life Note from Anker (the world’s leading smartphone accessory brand) has received very positive reviews from Indian consumers for its solid sound quality, accessible bass, APT-X support and four-microphone setup.

In terms of design, they are made entirely of plastic and have a leg design that mimics Apple’s second-generation AirPods. But the curved headset with comfortable silicone ear clips offers one of the most comfortable sensations.

The spherical charging base is also very nice, but it is a bit large compared to other wireless Truly headphones on the market. This is mainly due to the large 810 mAh battery (which nevertheless offers a total playback time of 40 hours).

The Soundcore Life Note has a 6mm graphene driver that delivers very low bass. If you are a bass lover, you will love this TWS. The vocals and highs are decent enough that you can enjoy soundtracks from almost any genre without any problems. Yes, the frequency response is not very wide, but these are headphones for bass players, you can’t expect that!

One of the best features of these TWS headphones is the presence of four microphones, two of which are said to help suppress noise during high volume calls with Beamforming Noise Cancellation and cVc 8.0 technology. They reduce background noise during conversations.

It’s pretty rare to find aptX codec support in this price range, but the Soundcore Life Note has it! Thanks to the aptX codec, you can enjoy high-quality sound. I know TWS is not the ideal choice for games, but because of the low apt-x latency and good microphone, you can consider this option if you want.

The battery backup is another one of the best features of the Soundcore Life Note. It lasts up to 5-6 hours at 70% volume and has an impressive 810 mAh capacity (total reserve 36 hours). It also has a fast charge function and offers up to 1 hour of power reserve with a 10 minute charge time.

Advantages and disadvantages:

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  • Good design and manufacture
  • The bass sound is really good.
  • Good sound for this price
  • aptX support
  • Water resistance IPX5
  • Microphone quality
  • Good battery life
  • Ideal for games

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  • Whatever.
  • Key check


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, up to 10 m
  • Compatibility : Laptop, PC, Android, iPhone
  • Codec support : APT-X AAC, SBC
  • Battery: up to approximately 36 hours (case + buttons)
  • Charging: about 1h 20 min for the headphones, 2-3 hours for the charging case
  • Water Resistance : IPX5
  • Warranty : 1 year

Lowest price with a :


Rs. 1,799

Rs. 6,999

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The appeal of fashion is different: Cross beats Pebble, and ranks 3rd on our list of the best TWS under Rs 3,000. These headphones have a stylish design for the elegant and stylish. They are available in three beautiful colors: Ash grey, charcoal black and imperial jade.

The CROSSBEATS Pebble features a standard in-ear headphone design with a plastic construction. The earphones have a comfortable silicone tip that fits perfectly in the ear canal. Like the previous option, these headphones are also very light, which is another factor for comfort of use. Yes, these CROSSBEATS headphones are waterproof to IPX6. You can use these headphones outside in the drizzle without fear of damage.

These wireless headphones do not have specific application or touch control support. The touch controls work very well, and you can use these headphones in single user mode, but you can also pair each headphone to separate devices if you prefer.

The Pebble CROSSBEATS are equipped with 9mm graphene drivers that produce a deep double base effect and make your musical experience unforgettable. If you’re a fan of high bass, you’ll love these headphones (I use them myself while working out at the gym). There are plenty of True Wireless headphones in this price range that focus on bass, but why are these particular headphones so special? Vocals and highs are very clear, and not overloaded as was the case with most low-frequency headphones. Overall, you get solid, balanced sound quality with powerful bass.

As for the battery, the Pebble offers an impressive 3 to 4 hours on a single charge. With the charging cradle, the total battery life also increases to 16-17 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages:

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  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Powerful bass
  • Good sound quality for this price.
  • Water resistance IPX6
  • Good acoustic insulation.
  • Supports fast charging via USB Type-C.

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  • No LED on the charger housing
  • Average microphone quality for outdoor use


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, up to 9-10 m
  • Compatibility : Laptop, PC, Android, iPhone
  • Codec support : AAC, SBC
  • Battery: up to approximately 16 hours (case + buds)
  • Charging: Approx. 1 hr. 10 min. for headphones, 1 hr. 45 min. for charging case
  • Water Resistance : IPX6
  • Warranty : 1 year

Lowest price with a :


Rs. 3,299

Rs. 9,999

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Noise Shots X5 PRO

The Noise X5 Pro is our next pick in our list of the best wireless headphones under Rs. 3,000. Noise recently launched these headphones with an updated design and APT-X audio codec. In terms of design, the Noise X5 Pro is quite decent. The build quality is also good and seems acceptable for the price.

It’s IPX7 certified for waterproofing, if that’s what you’re interested in. One of the good things about these headphones is that the unique design and supportive ear hooks provide a perfect and secure fit, making them comfortable even while exercising. I’m not saying these are the most comfortable headphones on the market.

The charging case of these TWS headphones is bulky and considerably heavier than other charging cases of other similar headphones in this price range, which is of course due to the built-in 2200 mA battery. So if you are looking for a compact and easy to carry SCT, this model is not for you.

In terms of sound quality, the X5 Pro is equipped with 6mm Graphene speakers that deliver decent sound with powerful and assertive bass. So if you want to buy a budget headset with good bass, the X5 Pro might be the best option for you.

The best part: It features the APT-X codec and the AAC and SBC codecs that improve sound quality and provide the best wireless audio streaming experience.

As for the battery, the charger comes with a huge 2200 mAh battery which makes it a bit bulky, but at the same time, it gives you 100-120 hours of play time easily. Yes, you can also use the charging case as a power bank. Full review of the Noise X5.

Advantages and disadvantages:

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  • APT-X support
  • Low prices
  • Good bass sound
  • IPX7
  • Excellent battery life
  • Charger as a Powerbank
  • Ideal for game users

.ugb-a3a1736 li{–icon-size:18px !important}.ugb-a3a1736 li::before{width:18px !important;height:18px !important;background-image:url(‘data :image/svg+xml ;base64,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’)}.ugb-a3a1736.ugb-icon-list ul{columns:1}

  • The loading case is large and bulky
  • Not ideal for lovers of a balanced sound
  • Not everyone is at ease.


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, up to 9-10 m
  • Compatibility : Laptop, PC, Android, iPhone
  • Codec support : APT-X, AAC, SBC
  • Battery: up to approx. 100 hours (housing + buttons)
  • Charging: about 1h 15 min for the headset, 5-6h for the charging case
  • Water Resistance : IPX7
  • Warranty : 1 year

Lowest price with a :


Rs. 2,999

Rs. 7,999

Buy now


Rs. 2,999

Rs. 7,999

Buy now

Realme Buds Air Neo

Realme Buds Air Neo is an affordable wireless headphone that should give the Mi TWS the edge and is the starting point of the TWS audio segment in India. The Realme Buds Neo is almost identical to its big brother Buds Air 2, which in turn resembles Apple’s AirPods.

The design is very simple and clean, there is not much to write about. The headphones are very comfortable and fit well in the ear canals, but people with smaller ears will have a hard time, which means it’s not for everyone. Moreover, the headphones are very light.

Yes, these Realme headphones support the Realme Link app, which allows you to set up touch controls and a voice assistant. In terms of sound quality, it features a large 13mm speaker with decent bass. The overall sound is very good and justifies its price. Vocals and treble sound decent, too, and the best part is the lack of sound distortion even at high volumes, which is great for headphones geared towards bass.

As for the battery, the Realme Buds Air Neo offers 3 hours of use on a single charge. With the charging case, you can easily get up to 15 hours of battery life (not the best, but not bad either). For more information, see the table of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages:

.ugb-50f7860 li{–icon-size:18px !important}.ugb-50f7860 li::before{width:18px !important;height:18px !important;background-image:url(‘data :image/svg+xml ;base64,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’)}.ugb-50f7860.ugb-icon-list ul{columns:1}

  • Practical, easy to use
  • Strong bass
  • Good sound quality for this price
  • Microphone worthy of the name
  • Low-Latency Game Mode
  • Support for Android applications

.ugb-8574286 li{–icon-size:18px !important}.ugb-8574286 li::before{width:18px !important;height:18px !important;background-image:url(‘data :image/svg+xml ;base64,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’)}.ugb-8574286.ugb-icon-list ul{columns:1}

  • Average battery life
  • The sound of the treble is a little flat
  • No USB Type-C


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, up to 9-10 m
  • Compatibility : Laptop, PC, Android, iPhone
  • Codec support : AAC, SBC
  • Battery: up to about 12-14 hours (case + buds)
  • Charging time: about 1h 40m for the headset, 2h for the charging case
  • Water Resistance : IPX4
  • Warranty : 1 year

Lowest price with a :


Rs. 2,999

Rs. 7,999

Buy now


Rs. 2,999

Rs. 7,999

Buy now

6.boAt Airdopes 441 Pro

BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro is our last choice on our list of best true wireless headphones under Rs 3000, not the last, if you want to explore more options then check out our list of best TWS headphones under Rs 2000.

The design of the headphones is almost similar to other Truly wireless headphones we’ve seen in the budget segment. It looks a little big and bulky, but don’t worry, it’s really comfortable to use. The headphones are completely made of plastic, which is of good quality. Yes, the charging case is a bit big and bulky due to the huge battery, so it will disappoint some users a bit, but in return you get up to 120 hours of full battery life (the best value in this price segment).

The multi-functional touch controls on each earpiece are intuitive and provide quick feedback. It is also waterproof to IPX7. So you can take these headphones outside without fear.

The Airdopes 441 Pro has a 6 mm driver that delivers powerful bass that we believe is among the best in its segment. The vocals and highs are also strong and clear, resulting in an impressive overall sound. Yes, the treble is not very clear and a bit overloaded, but that is very typical of all headphones with lots of bass. Overall, you will definitely be satisfied with the sound quality.

As for the battery, the BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro has a 35 mAh battery in a single earpiece that can easily play music for up to 3-4 hours (70% volume). With the charging cradle, the music can be played for up to 120 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages:

.ugb-0374328 li{–icon-size:18px !important}.ugb-0374328 li::before{width:18px !important;height:18px !important;background-image:url(‘data :image/svg+xml ;base64,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’)}.ugb-0374328.ugb-icon-list ul{columns:1}

  • Discreet assembly
  • Incredible bass
  • Impressive battery life
  • Touch control
  • Protection class IPX7
  • You can use the charging case as a power bank.

.ugb-7b1789c li{–icon-size:18px !important}.ugb-7b1789c li::before{width:18px !important;height:18px !important;background-image:url(‘data :image/svg+xml ;base64,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’)}.ugb-7b1789c.ugb-icon-list ul{columns:1}

  • Large and cumbersome cargo box
  • Not ideal for lovers of a balanced sound
  • Not everyone is at ease.


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, up to 10 m
  • Compatibility : Laptop, PC, Android, iPhone
  • Codec support : AAC, SBC
  • Battery: up to 120 hours (cover + buttons)
  • Charging: about 1h for the headset, 6-7h for the charging case
  • Water Resistance : IPX7
  • Warranty : 1 year

Lowest price with a :


Rs. 2,999

Rs. 6,990

Buy now

The post Best wireless headphones under 3000 in India (May 2021) appeared first on .

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about best true wireless earbuds under 5000 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best true wireless earbuds under 3000?

The best true wireless earbuds are a solid alternative to traditional Bluetooth earbuds. True wireless earbuds have no wire between them, making them less bulky, easier to use, and more reliable. If you are looking for the best true wireless earbuds under 3000, you can check out the options listed below. When it comes to listening to music or making phone calls on the go, there are few things more convenient than wireless earbuds. Not only are they free of wires, but they also allow you to move around more freely. But when it comes to wireless earbuds, there are tons of options available. And to make things more confusing, many of them simply refer to their earbuds as “wireless,” leading to a lot of confusion. (And yes, technically, all earbuds are wireless, as they connect to your phone over Bluetooth.)

Which true wireless earbuds are the best in India?

The true wireless earbuds are the best way to listen to music, and the best thing is that you do not need a wire to connect them to your phone or any other device. Many companies have carried out research to make many wireless earbuds, but among all of them, the best are the Apple AirPods. Now let us see which other true wireless earbuds are the best among the AirPods. The earbuds have in-ear hook technology to improve stability and fit. They are pretty good for the price. However, they don’t have noise-cancellation technology, which might be an issue for some. The quality of the sound is decent enough and the call quality is decent. The earbuds have a microphone too. They come with a charging case that can charge them for several times before it needs recharging.

Which is the best TWS under 3000?

The true wireless earbuds market is crowded, but it’s also evolving quickly. Just last year, not many companies were making truly wireless earbuds, but now there are more than 10 manufacturers producing a range of wireless earbuds. The three earbuds I’m talking about today are the TWS Bullets Wireless from Anker, the AirPods from Apple and the FreeBuds from Klipsch. I have personally tested all three, and I will try to give you a fair and unbiased review of their pros and cons based on my experience. This year’s true wireless earbuds are, once again, dominated by Apple, Samsung, and Jaybird. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, but if you want the best bang for your buck, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are your best choice. With a solid fit, excellent battery life, and impressive sound quality, the Galaxy Buds have all the features you want in a pair of true wireless earbuds at a price you can afford.

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The Sims 4 Smartphone CC & Mods (All Free) –

The Sims 4 Smartphone CC & Mods (All Free) – Its been a long time, but I finally re-started my Sims 4 blog, so I thought I would start with some mods, and some custom content, in the form of Sims 4 smartphones. I’m sure most of you know, but custom content is a really important part of the Sims 4, and can really help to add to the fun, and even make your game easier. So here are some useful smartphone cc mods for the Sims 4.

The Sims 4 is a game about your stories, and today I have the perfect game additions to help you tell your stories. The Sims 4 smartphone and smartphone mods are a free Download for every Simmer out there. With the Sims 4 smartphone, you can use your Sims to make calls, send messages, and more. The Sims 4 smartphone is available in all versions of the Sims 4, including Sims 4 Console, Sims 4 Mobile, and The Sims 4 PC.

A lot has changed since the TS4 was launched in 2014. The most obvious change is our obsession with phones.

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For better or worse, this has also made its way into the Sims world.

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Decor mobile phone

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Bluetooth headphones are now so common that wired headphones will be obsolete in a few years.

But even though these bubbling monsters are now almost obsolete, there’s no denying that they can still be useful.

They never run out of batteries and don’t cost an arm and a leg – that’s something, isn’t it?

If you’re a fan of old-fashioned wired headphones, don’t miss this awesome CC from DDaeng Sims!

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If you’ve never owned a flip phone, you’re too young for WooHoos.

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The latest iPhone models may not be available in this CC.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 CC

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In the real world, the Galaxy S9 is one of Samsung’s most reliable phones to date.

And now your sims can experience new technologies with this CC from oceansccc.

Available in all official Samsung colors and high-quality textures, this CC is as close to the original as you can get – without spending a dime.

H&B Star5G

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Adding real phones to the Sims can make the game easier to manage, but also less exciting.

Seeing a Sim with an iPhone or Samsung can throw you off balance and remind you of the responsibility you’re running from, as well as the reason you play video games.

Let’s completely rid our game of its miserable existence with a fictional H&B Star5G from Littledica.

A fictional brand, but the same entertainment as the average smartphone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max + case Supplement

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If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably broken your screen before.

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Total Rad Brick Phone

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And for even better results, play Duran Duran and The Police while you play.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about sims 4 cc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get CC on Sims 4 Mobile?

If you don’t know what CC stands for, don’t feel bad. We’re going to explain it to you. CC (or Custom Content) is stuff that people create for games like the Sims 4. (Side note: You may see Custom Content referred to as “mods” or “modifications”.) For example, you might download a custom hairstyle or clothes for your Sims 4 character. The Sims 4 Mobile just launched with a ton of new content that’s available to download and purchase. It’s also worth noting that the Sims Mobile and the Sims 4 are two separate games. You don’t have to pay for both. I’m going to break down what you need to know about CC on The Sims 4 Mobile.

Is CC bad for Sims 4?

There has been a lot of controversy lately over the controversial new EULA (End User License Agreement) added to the Sims 4. The new agreement included an addition to the terms stating that, among other things, The Sims 4 would now be permanently online, and would automatically install any new game updates, expansion packs, or other content updates. Many people saw this as a major step in the wrong direction for players. However, the way it is written does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the world for many of us. We all love The Sims franchise! Or, at least, we all love to hate The Sims franchise. We love to make fun of its weird, unnatural body proportions, its jankiness, the fact that you’re just one step removed from literally playing with dolls. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  The Sims 4 is no exception—in fact, the latest iteration of the game seems to have caused almost as many problems with its players as it’s fixed. (Hang on, is that…yes, it is! The Sims 4 is actually worse than The Sims 3 in some ways !) This is a list of blog post ideas that I had during the month. This is

Is CC free on Sims 4?

The Sims have always been known for two things: being able to do anything and being able to be anything. Most games are limited to a selection of activities and characters, but The Sims gives you the freedom to create your own characters, careers, homes, and interactive objects. However, from the very beginning, players have had to make a choice: whether to buy the game or not. A decade ago, the choice was easy: you had to either buy the game or play the free demo. The Sims 3 has always been available as a demo download, and The Sims 4’s demo was released in July of last year. The Sims 4 character creator is available to everyone, and players who want to play the full game can download it via Origin Sims 4 players can now play the game for free. Electronic Arts announced Tuesday that the massively popular game has gone free-to-play, meaning all players can download the full game and play it without paying a dime. The game is now free to play through Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital distribution service, and via the game’s official website. So if you have a computer that can run the game and Origin, you can play Sims 4 for free, which is a huge change from the game’s original $60 price tag. (For a limited time, players who sign up for Origin Access Premier will have a chance to play the game for free.)

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